A Hint of 40’s Vintage Glam

40's Hair Tutorial

1940’s hair is all about sculpted waves and coiffed curls. Hollywood stars like Veronica Lake, famous for her signature polished waves and deep side part, always looked as if hurricane winds couldn’t blow a single curl out of place.

Taking some notes from the 40’s, I decided to show you guys a simple, everyday look that channels old Hollywood glam.

Three beauty tools you need for achieving this look are: A traditional clip-curling iron, MOUSE/hairspray, bobby pins, and hair gloss to polish it off.

Start by curling the ends of your hair in sections. Don’t just curl the very ends; curl the short layers as well ( this is where the hairspray comes in. You want the curls to look a bit stiff and very defined). Do a side part and (using mouse) brush it sleekly to the side above your forehead. Press your pointer to above your temple and wrap about an inch of hair around it 2-3 times–take your finger out and pin your hair in place. From there just brush your curls out slightly and polish the look off with gloss.

Voila! If you don’t look like a 40’s movie star, you’ll at least look like a 40’s chorus girl, for sure!

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Three Easy Ways to Get Pink Hair

Why should Easter eggs have all the fun? There should be PASTEL for EVERYONE!

While I may have disregarded the pink trend last year, thinking pink hair went out of style along with bands like Simple Plan, the thought of wearing a dainty Easter frock with a candy pink french braid this spring is just too tempting to resist. And so…

Three Simply Ways to Go Pink:

1. Chalk it up!

Lauren Conrad probably sent a wave of women running to the school supply isle to buy chalk last winter, and for good reason; chalk makes a great temporary color! Chalk with water and heat create a temporary tint to the hair that’s  excellent for vibrant color streaks and highlights.

For all-over, ombre, and dip dyeing, Color Bug uses the same concept of the chalk without the damaging heat. It’s a staining powder  that, more importantly, comes in lavender and bright pink for your dip-dying pleasure! Plus, putting it on will make you feel daintier than Marie Antoinette.

Sadly Color Bug isn’t in stores here in the states…yet, but you can definitely find it online. Here’s a tutorial showing how it works.

2. Clip it in

Say you’re not a blonde. Or you don’t feel like powdering your hair like an 18th century courtesan. You can actually clip extensions in to get this multicolored look. Use color for highlights that pop or combine several colors and taste the rainbow! Easilites are my choice for cheap but easy clip-ins made with human hair so you can curl and style as you wish.

3. Commit to it!

If you’re just cool like that or your boss at your job is cool like that, then you should try a semi-permanent pink. Manic Panic in Hot Pink and Raw Color’s Candy are two bright and fluffy pink dyes you’ll find in your neighborhood Hot Topic. The bottles say they last up to 6 weeks. Don’t pay attention to that. It actually lasts up to 3 weeks before it starts to pale. Of course, limiting your number of weekly washes will help.

I bet you didn’t know that pink hair was so easy to do. What do you think? Are you going pink this spring?

Hairstyles We’re Loving in Paris: TUTORIALS

Paris Street Style: The "knot top"

By Zelo Contributor, Shelby Marcus Ocana

Fall and winter are two seasons when hairstyles can be very versatile and chic at the same time. With the holidays quickly approaching and the women bundling up in big scarves, up-dos are a huge trend that never goes out of style during the cold months.

Transitioning from fall to winter, Parisians are big fans of the famous top knot. Easy to do and not time consuming, it’s a great way to stay chic and casual at the same time when walking out the door on a cold, busy morning.

Another great alternative is the “chignon chic”. It’s a messier version of the top knot but it can be easily dressed up with a fancy pair of chandelier earrings. A quick tutorial for achieving this look is: First, start with a ballerina bun, then take random pieces out of it to loosen and mess it up, then bobby-pin the top portion of the bun down. This hairstyle is great for all you boho-chic girls out there.

Parisian Boho Chic

During the holiday season, whether going to a Christmas event or New Year’s party, Parisians always like to look their very best. And for a lot of women, slicked-back hairdos are a favorite because of their glamorous and “put-together” look that gives the impression that you have spent hours on it, whereas it really took about 10 minutes!

How to get Marion Cotillard's sleek side bun

Our final look is a sleek side-bun that Marion Cotillard sported recently. It looks clean, fresh, classic and fabulous. To achieve this look: just bring all of your hair to one side.  Make sure that your hair is completely brushed through to get that very “flat and shiny “ look. Then, pin your hair using bobby-pins and use hairspray to tame any fly-aways and sleek down all your hair. Voilà !

Lauren Conrad goes Peach, Katie Holmes on the Cover of Marie Claire

Need the latest headlines in hair trend news? Come back every Monday for the The Frizz Report for the top styles, hair transformation, and runway trends of the previous week.

Lauren Conrad has done it again! After creating a global hair color craze as thousands of girls attempted to reacreate her rainbow hair tips, LC and her best friend colorist Kristin Ess decided to go with Ombre highlights of yet another color – Peach!

I think the tips look dreamily good (and also make me crave some serious Orange Dreamsicle – just me?), but I wonder how long this color will last. Some speculate that her first tye-dye color job was not even real hair color – or not even her in the pictures! What do you think? Should she stick with the color? Would you wear it? [Read more from Allure]

Call me crazy, but I haven’t seen Katie Holmes in the spotlight of much of anything minus tabloids since she married Tom Cruise and became a mom. However, a refreshingly real interview with the actress about daughter Suri and her future plans for a fashion label will accompany her appearance on the cover of Marie Claire’s November 2011 issue.

I never noticed it before, but how much to Katie and the newest member of the royal family Kate Middleton look alike? They could be twins! Especially in one of the shots of Katie in Marie Claire’s spread where she has her hair styled in a soft blowout – all I could think of was Princess Kate. All in all, I’d call her cover appearance and interview in Marie Claire a win. [See more shots of Katie in Marie Claire]

The Frizz Report: Last Week’s Hair Lowdown

Need the latest headlines in hair trend news? Come back every Monday for the The Frizz Report for the top styles, hair transformation, and runway trends of the previous week.

Rihanna is not only on the cover of Vogue this month, the mag named her a “hair hero” for her bold, head turn hair fashion choices. Can’t help but agree! She also went blonde for the British Vogue cover (pictured to the left). [Read more on]

If you missed our post on Friday, you may not know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! Daily Makeover has complied a list of 20 – count ’em, 20 – great products that have come out with special editions of your faves with proceeds going to Breast Cancer Awareness and research. [Shop for a Cause]

Never thought this would happen, but crimped hair is back in style. At first I wanted to scream in terror, but in a way, this style can look kind of cute. If you want to get kinky (with you hair, duh!), take a look at these tips from Arrojo Salon on how to place some crimps in your locks without looking like you’ve transported back to the 80’s. [Get the Look]

The gorgeous Liv Tyler has bone structure that just makes me hate her (in pure jealousy of course), but it’s her great hair that has landed a gig to be Pantene’s new front running face for their latest ad campaign. [Get Behind the Scenes]

Singer Kylie Minogue has ditched her surfer girl highlights for a dark dye job, and I for one definitely support the change. It’s clear that brunette is the color to have this fall, sorry blondes… [See the Before and After]


Why do You Buy Shampoo and Conditioner Together?

A couple weeks ago, we asked you all whether your shampoo and conditioner matched, and an overwhelming number of you said YES.

We’re curious – why is that?

We want to know! Is it functionality? A good deal? Vote 🙂 and comment on this post to tell us more!

Fall 2011 Hair Fashion Trends Straight from the Runway

Fall is upon us, and you can feel it in the air – cooler temperatures, kids going back to school, those itching urges to throw on a sweater in the morning, and my favorite: New York Fashion Week.

Here are a few of the best fall hair fashion trends seen on runways this Fall 2011!

Warm Colors

Fall always means to me reds, oranges and yellows – warm colors that burst among the trees when the temperatures turn colder. This fall, these warm colors are becoming very popular for hair hues. Take a look at this article from Latest-Hairstyles on incorporating warm, honey tones into your hair, no matter what your current color is.

Creative Braids

Braids of all kinds have been in constant popularity since last fall, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere – in fact, they are just getting more an more ingenious. If you do go for a braid, try something different – combine a few different types of braids, like a french braid into a fishtail braid. Or, try braiding a few skinny braids down the sides of your hair and gather into a braided pony at the nape of your neck. Unpredictability is key when embracing this trend for fall.

Slicked Back Styles

Smooth, wet looking hair has been all over the runways during Fall Fashion Week, like the above style at Carolina Herrera. To get this look, smooth and shine with a gloss such as Zelo’s Velvet Gloss before pulling your hair back in a updo for a wet, slick hairstyle.

Image Sources:, NewFashionDesigns