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The Sexiest Hair Cut Of Fall 2013

Short, and Shorter! 

Don’t call it a cute pixie. The hottest/coolest haircuts of the season may be short, but it’s not exactly sweet. By Meirav Devash

Retro Glamour

Hair cuts Fall 2013

Photo by Tom Munro

The 80s soft curls are back in a big way, this is a style ‘must’ for your next get together this fall. Simply use a half-inch curling iron to curl one-inch sections of hair back toward the crown. Use your fingers to separate the curls and pull a few pieces forward as well. For shine and texture use a Velvet Gloss as either a prep or a finish.

Muss, No Fuss

This rough and sexy look started with the air-dry method. The hair was then given a boost of volume with a blast from a blow-dryer. Use a texture serum to give it a fuller, yet messy look by using your

Hair cuts Fall 2013

Photo by Tom Munro

fingers to style the hair. Let the ends fall naturally and use a dash of hair spray on the roots.

Short-Hair Styling Mistakes:

So, you ran to the salon and got your ultra chic pixie hair cut for the fall. Now let’s make sure we don’t make the following styling mistakes.

1. Don’t add volume to the crown 2. Do not blow-dry excessively 3. Don’t shower in gel, the slick look is so last season. 4. Don’t over work your hair, a little styling and product works best. 5. If your pixie cut has bangs that need to be tucked behind your ears or clipped to the side you’re doing it wrong. They should be long on the crown and short on the sides for the perfect look.

Credits:  Allure Magazine