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I’m Taming My Wild Hair with Zelo Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System

I have struggled with my frizzy, coarse hair for as long as I can remember.  It’s super thick, hard to manage, and a huge pain to style every single day. I blame it all on my parents.  My Dad had a big ol’ Afro in high school, so I was either “blessed” with his hair genes, or the damage was done when my Mom spiral permed my hair over and over again as a child.  Either way, my hair has been torturing me for as long as I can remember.

Dad's Afro

In high school, I wanted straight hair so badly that I would literally place a hot iron (pre-flat iron days) on my hair to flatten it out.  I wasn’t the least bit concerned about burning myself.  I just wanted straight hair!!

When the flat iron was finally invented and made available in stores, I jumped for joy.  I could finally get my hair straight without worrying about burning myself, and I could reach areas I couldn’t with a regular iron.  I have been using a flat iron (one of the expensive and super fancy ones that goes all the way up to 450 degrees) for many years now.  The flat iron helps me to achieve the straight-haired look that I want, but it takes FOREVER for me to straighten my hair every day, and it also damages my hair quickly, due to the constant high heat exposure.

I’ve been wanting to try a professional keratin treatment on my hair for several years now, but they are very expensive.  I just don’t have extra hundreds of dollars laying around to get my hair professionally straightened.  It was always one of those “maybe some day” things for me.

When I heard about Zelo Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System, I jumped at the chance to try it out.  This is a treatment I could do by myself, in the comfort of my own home, and best of all, it is very affordable!

Zelo Professional Keratin Smoothing System

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Boca hair care company making national debut at Academy Awards

Gift To Oscars Nominees 2013

Gift To Oscars Nominees 2013

Boca Raton, FL  (Feb 14. 2013)—-Lights! Camera! Action!  “We’re ready for our close-up now,” says Boca Cosmetics Group, manufacturer of the internationally acclaimed, professional hair care brand, Olez. The Boca Raton based company announced that they are headed to Hollywood where their luxurious line of products will be featured at an exclusive, invitation only, beauty and couture suite for Academy Award nominees and Hollywood notables.

Olez’s products combine the most advanced technology with the finest natural ingredients found around the world resulting in healthy, shiny and revitalized hair. “Our goal is to pamper the stars and introduce them to the newest and most remarkable hair treatments available today,” said Claudio Correia, President of Boca Cosmetics Group.

Contents of the Olez Nominee Gift Packages include the complete line of INCEPTION Home Care Products enhanced with apple stem cells.

“There is nothing on the market, anywhere, that offers the benefits of INCEPTION,” said Jeremy Lurie, Marketing Director for Boca Cosmetics Group.

In addition to the VIP gift box, Olez will be offering innovative hair care treatments at the suite featuring Essence of Youth, O2 and  NutriFuze™. These three new products are consistent with Olez’s objective of providing innovative, professional haircare that contain restorative properties in a market in need of effective solutions.

Celebrities at the suite will also be the first people in the world to try O2, Olez’s unique oxygen therapy program that detoxifies the hair and scalp.  When applied, oxygen is released and removes all impurities from the hair and scalp followed by an infusion of essential nutrients and oils required for healthy and luxurious hair.

Adding to Olez’s family of breakthrough restorative products comes NutriFuze, the perfect hair diet for fragile, dull and nutrient-deprived hair.  NutriFuze contains a cocktail of powerful exotic ingredients blended to restore hair that is damaged from excessive blow-drying, color and lifestyle.

“The results I have obtained with Olez’s new products have been phenomenal.  To witness years of damage in client’s hair just disappear, is amazing,” states Olez’s  Creative Director and celebrity stylist, Edward Teitel.

After Hollywood, Olez will be exhibiting at America’s Beauty Show, March 9-11, 2013, McCormick Place, booth 1855 and will be offering demonstrations and training on Sunday, March 10th.

For more information, email or call 800-251-2479. or on the web.

Three Back To School Hairstyles You Should Try

1. Flash Effect Highlights

The flash effect is being called the new ombre. It’s set to be one of the hottest hair trends for fall and a definite must-try. Flash effects highlights are highlights carefully made to replicate how the light hits your hair, especially a camera flash. Just enough color is lifted in strategic places to replicate glossy shine which is perfect for dark hair.

Who Should Try It: Brunettes with medium to long hair

DIY Ability: Low: Definitely spend the money on getting it done right by a salon professional.

Maintenance: Low: Great for college students on a budget!

2. Single Side Braid

Popular on celebs like Liv Tyler and Kate Bossworth last year, the single side braid is the perfect way to channel Rihanna’s side-shaved look without giving your parents a heart attack. It’s a young and playful look with just a hint of edginess that’s perfect for the trendy inclined student.

Who Should Try it: Everyone: It looks good on long, short, and medium length hair.

DIY Ability: High.

Maintenance: Low: This is a one-day look that only needs a bit of mouse and hairspray

3. Long Straight Hair

Summer may be the perfect time for curls and beach waves but fall is the perfect opportunity to surprise all your classmates with a new look: long, straight, glossy hair.

Who Should Try it: Wavy to Medium curly hair

DIY Ability: Medium. We suggest getting a keratin treatment at a salon or using Zelo’s home keratin kit to help temporarily relax the curls and to make your morning styling regimen easier.

Maintenance: Medium: Post keratin hair needs minimum styling and upkeep to maintain the straight effect. Add a dose of hair gloss each morning to keep your hair shiny and the ends healthy.

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Simple Hair Trends this Season

Try one of the hottest hair trends this season, experiment with one of these styles at your next casual or elegant holiday party this season.  

Braids: Who knew the conventional braid would eventually transform into a classy and sultry hairstyle that would prove popular both with style-conscious teenagers as well as the comfort-seeking adults. From a regular day at school or work to a fun and casual party with friends, braids can be trusted. Wear your hair in a loose braid to catch every onlooker’s eyes or wear it in a trendy fish tail style, you can rock this style with just the right accessories and the perfect attitude.

Simple side braid

Bangs: Back with a Bang! Literally. Fringes whether as blunt bangs or as a cool side swept style are definitely back. From Mila Kunis to Jennifer Garner, all the hot celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon to sport this stunning look. Make sure to let your stylist give you the right bangs according to your face shape. After that you’re all set to take on the town to party hard!  For more on bangs and fringes:


Trendy Bangs

Ponytails: This season is all about letting your face show! And there’s no better way to do that than by wearing your hair back in a ponytail. This simple hairstyle, whether worn loose or high up, can make every girl look effortlessly glamorous. Add in big hoop earrings to give off a hip vibe and you’re ready to go!

Pouf Pony

by the Daily Frizz Contributor, Sarah K.


A View from Paris

By Zelo Contributor, Shelby Marcus Ocana

As an American living in Paris, I soon learned the importance of beauty to Parisian women. From an early age, the French are taught to take good care of their hair. It’s quite common to see young girls in a hair salon perched on a chair getting their hair cut and styled next to their mom.   Hair care is extremely important in the French culture, but like most women around the world, French girls don’t have much time to curl or straighten their hair in the morning. Although European French women are mostly born with naturally straight and glossy hair, the rate of immigration has doubled over the past years bringing in many women from North Africa whose hair is curly and more unruly.   Wishing to look more like their “European sisters”, North African women use different methods to straighten their hair.  Flat ironing and keratin blowouts are two of the many ways women who aren’t born with naturally straight hair use to achieve the glam look.

Tony and Guy Salon in Paris

Tony and Guy Salon in Paris

The average French woman sets aside a budget for her trips to the salon, typically spending 50 euros per month on hair care. In Paris, hair salons are numerous and there are many famous stylists who have set up shop. You can find a hair salon on every single block of the nation’s capital, and many women pop in for a quick shampoo and blow-dry to maintain their sleek look before going out at night.   That being said, budget is always a concern and more and more Parisians are taking hair matters in their own hands and doing their hair at home with various types of flat irons.  For women who don’t want to flatiron their hair everyday, (and who has time for that?), keratin straightening kits are hitting the market and proving to be very popular.

 Zelo Paris is waiting!!

The X Factor: Beautiful Voices, Gorgeous Hair!

I don’t know about all of you guys, but I have been riveted to The X Factor lately. Although I do confess I wish Simon would be a little tougher (really, is he having some out of body experience? He’s almost being nice), the setup of the contest really is what gets me as they’ve teamed up and work together all the while they are competing against each other.

Stacy Francis while singing ‘Purple Rain’

Along with beautiful voices and extreme talent, I can’t help but notice that nearly all the contestants in these last few final shows have absolutely gorgeous hair! I’m looking at you, Melanie Amaro and Stacy Francis. I was definitely sad to see Simone Battle leave the competition, and I began to realize my favorites on the show had little to do with their actual singing talent and more to do with their amazing locks.

Simone went curly and straight throughout the show - and I was jealous the whole time!

I did say nearly all the contestants still on the show have absolutely gorgeous hair… I am just itching to give Rachel Crow a keratin treatment. But, after all… she is only 13, can you believe it? So much confidence and even more talent.

Any of you following the show? Who are your favorites?

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