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Hair Trends: Deep Side Part

All down, all in an up-do, or somewhere in between hairstyles on the runways at New York Fashion Week seem to have one detail rampantly in common: the deep side part.

Hailing from the early days of Twiggy in the 60s, I love this look. It’s a great way to easily add some retro flair to your hairstyle, no matter what length or occasion.

What do you think, lovelies? Is the deep side part a trend you’ll snag this fall?

Image Source: Whosdatedwho.com, Zimbio


Celebrity Hairstyles: Kate Middleton

Ever since the magical royal wedding this past April, Kate Middleton has dominated the press worldwide. I, for one, am fascinated by her. Her commoner-gone-royal fairytale story is just too good to be true, but more, it’s her style – and the ingenuity and practicality she has towards it.

The tabloids have featured her re-wearing outfits, discussed how she dresses and shops for herself, and applauded her subtle way of dressing for the occasion (if you missed her outfit she wore on her visit to Canada, check it out). Because of her somewhat casual and “normal” way of dressing, many bloggers argue that she is definitely not a fashion icon, but I disagree.

I find her technique of style very refreshing – most of us don’t have the luxury to only wear an outfit once, or to be constantly buying the next expensive brand – and it’s relate-able to see someone in the public eye do that same.

For me, I love all those things about her, but more so, it’s her hair – that beautiful, flowing brunette hair.

She has mastered the easy breezy elegant style – completely natural, but impeccably put together. The other day a friend said how she wanted a keratin treatment so she could finally have “Kate Middleton Hair”, and I knew then and there that I needed to dedicate a post to Kate – and her locks!

The Wedding

For her wedding, Kate was reported as wanting something not too out of the ordinary of her traditional look, and she went for a curled half up, half down classic style. Of course, when you look that gorgeous every day, who needs a fancy wedding hairstyle, am I right?

Every Day

The “Kate Middleton Hair” my friend was referring to is displayed in Kate’s every day hairstyle, a laid back softly straightened blowout.

Special Occasion

Even for more public affairs, Kate always keeps it simple. Curled ends, half up, or topped off with a hat – she makes simple look fabulous. For a step by step for her half-up do, take a peek at this BellaSugar tutorial.

Photo Sources: Chris Jackson/Getty Images, Bruce Adams/Copy Schlesigner, Wireimage, Tim Graham/Getty Images