Gossip Girl Gossip: Blair, What is Up With Your Hair?

This past weekend I spent some time catching up on Gossip Girl, and after pretty much missing the entire season 4, I had a lot of catching up to do. Now on Episode 5 of the latest season, the show seems to have just as many twists and turns as it used to. I’m not disappointed – except with Blair!

Typically the gal with the most fashion sense on the show, I have been so let down so far! Especially with how much green envy I have of Leighton Meester anytime she steps out into the limelight, I would like to make a plea to whomever is styling Blair’s hair for the show to reevaluate their strategy. Please! It appears they are trying to go with a 40’s style sleek waved look, but she ends up usually just looking like she stepped out of the shower and let her hair air dry – in a bad way. On top of that, they are trying to sweep her rather short bangs back into her style to hide them, and aren’t doing a very good job of doing so. It’s driving me nuts!

Serena, on the other hand, has already had a dozen hairstyles I love. What’s the deal, Blair!

Any of you keeping up with this season on Gossip Girl?


Celebrity Hairstyles: Nicki Minaj

If there’s one thing Nicki Minaj has down pat, it’s standing out in the spotlight from her crazy outfits, unique way with words, and my favorite, her ever changing hair. Sometimes she switches it up so much I can barely recognize her, like when she chose to don a kimono and hair pinned up in chopsticks at Fashion’s Night out last week in New York City.

More frequently, Nicki is often seen sporting a blonde ‘do cut is various ways and dyed a slew of different colors (and patterns!). She definitely takes dip dye to a new level with this look.


What do you think of Nicki Minaj’s bold hair style choices? Love it or hate it?


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Find Out Your Hairstyle Personality!

I stumbled upon this fun little quiz yesterday and just had to take it.

Sometimes I really wonder what my hairstyle is saying about me – and if it fits my personality.

All it took was a few quick answers to simple personality questions – What do you have for breakfast? What do your slippers look like? – and you get an answer. Mine was:

Natural and Carefree.

Like Juliette Binoche, Dido and Marisa Tomei, you’re comfortable in your skin and love a style you can wear tousled — in bed or out. For you, great hair is all about finding a cut that works with your hair’s natural texture and body — and doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. Long hours creating the perfect blow-out or curling, molding and primping are not for you.

One of the easiest ways to create a look that’s long on style but short on effort is to use texturizing products — pomades, waxes, creams and gels. Many of these products go on damp or dry hair and can tame frizzies and add volume and shine — all in one quick application. Discover which hair texturizing products we love.

Sounds about right! What are your results? Take the quiz and let us know – and whether you think it’s accurate!

Hair How-To: Do the Twist

For some reason, I must be subconsciously channeling celebrity trends lately, because I came into work about three times this week wearing the same little twist along my forehead to hold back my bangs – and lo and behold, I came across this Glamour article dubbing the side twist “The Official ‘It’ Hairstyle of the Moment”. Well, how nice is that? Gotta love when you’re accidentally trendy.

I love adding this little flair to my look because it is way easier and faster to create than a braid, yet achieves the same overall look by adding a little bit of thoughtfulness to your hairstyle.

It also works with an up-do, straight hair, curly hair, short hair, long hair – you name it, this style is so versatile.

Need a little tutorial? Well, don’t go any farther. Check out this great video:

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3 Ways to Keep Ends Looking Smooth

Question: What can I add to my ends so they won’t look dry?

One of the most widespread hair battles we all encounter at least once in a lifetime has to do with the ends of our hair. Whether it’s ends drying out and creating unwanted frizz, split ends, or breakage – we all deal with it. This is because as we style, brush, whip our hair back and forth, you name it – the very ends of our hair have seen the most tress stress.

Check out three of our tips for keeping your ends looking fresh!

Trim Your Ends Regularly

It is recommended you get your ends cut at least every six to eight weeks, so if you find yourself fretting over dried and split ends, take a peek at your calendar and try to remember your last trim.

Condition Like It’s Your Job

Conditioning is important – but how you condition is more important. If your ends are looking bad, consider adding conditioner to your ends in the shower before you shampoo, let it sit for five minutes, and then shampoo and conditioner as you usually do. Also, consider adding a weekly moisturizing hair mask to your beauty regimen. Check out our earlier post on avocado recipes for hair to get some inspiration.

Use a Gloss

When all else fails, adding a little bit of hair gloss, such as Zelo’s Velvet Gloss, will add shine to ends and make them look less dry. Be careful to only use a little, because most glosses are very thick and just a little bit will go a long way.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Kristen Stewart

I’ll be the first one to admit that most of the time, Kristen Stewart just kind of blends into the crowd. However, I’m also one for second chances, and she really surprised me when I saw her featured on the cover of W Magazine’s Fashion Issue.

Kristen Stewart typically looks like she’d rather be anywhere else than in the spotlight when she is photographed on the red carpet – but some sort of miracle transformed this little Twilight actress into a glamorous looking star.

Her 60’s-esque vintage blowout style is all the rage right now, and I personally think it suits her very well. Hollywood hair at it’s finest.

What’s your take on Kristen’s retro cover look?

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Hair How-To: Five Stranded French Braid

As you may or may not have realized by now, I am obsessed with braids – and who can blame me, they are not only fun to create and so versatile, but they are all the rage right now.

So, I came across a picture of someone with this elaborate braid incorporated into a ponytail – braided down the side of her head – and it had FIVE count ’em FIVE strands.

I was in awe. Have you ever seen something this cool? It reminds me of those friendship bracelets me and my friends used to make each other when we were little! Definitely unique.

I have tried it out, and it does take a little practice to master.

You start your braid wherever you want it in typical braid fashion – with three pieces. Then, you draw in to extra pieces from each side, winding them into your braid. Next, you continue to add in pieces, winding them back and forth down the braid as  you add into it. The step-by-step is complicated, so instead of trying to get this by reading, check out this video how to:

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