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Summer Fishtail Braid

Old fashion braids are great, but when you want to change it up a bit, a fishtail braid can be just what you need to make your summer look rock! Just make sure to always start with our Zelo Velvet Glossūüôā¬†summer fish tail


The Anatomy of Jennifer Lawrence’s Updo

Otherwise known as “Volunteer as tribute? With THIS¬†hair?”

Jennifer Lawrence is definitely my new hair icon! The braids, the bangs, the updos! The girl goes from tomboy to Hollywood glam effortlessly! And how gorgeous was her gold braided updo at the Hunger Games premier? It sent me digging through my jewelry box for gold chains.

How to get Jennifer Lawrence’s updo: Getting her look is actually quite simple. It’s really the gold embellishments that make it look so much more intricate than it really is.¬†Jennifer is using two gold beaded headbands woven into her braids. You can actually just use two gold rope chains.

Start by gathering your hair into a low ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Gather the chain with your hair and braid your hair neatly. Tie the ends with a rubber band. Go back and widen the braid by tugging each side slightly. From there, you’re just doing a simple wrap-around. Wrap your braid around your ponytail (Princess Leia Style) and secure it with bobby pins. Now take your other chain and wrap that around the outer¬†perimeter.

Voila!¬†Simple, right? I know… Please feel free to tell me what a¬†genius¬†I am for¬†dissecting¬†this one. ūüėČ

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Project Runway Recap: Sleek Ponytails

I wasn’t planning on watching a Santino-free all-star¬†episode¬†of Project Runway but my other all-time¬†favorites, Mondo Guerra and the hilarious Anthony Williams, got me to give in. And boy did I miss my Tim Gun and Heidi Klum! Though I must say the new mentor¬†Joanna Coles, Editor in Cheif of Marie Claire, makes me feel like I’m watching a more friendlier version of the Devil Wears Prada. ¬†The new judges were funny but, It doesn’t matter how much I love buying his stuff at Target, Isaac Mizrahi is just NO Michael Kors!


I couldn’t help but notice that the hottest trend on the runway¬†among¬†the seasoned designers was the slicked back ponytail. Personally that’s always my go to choice when I’m feeling fashion¬†forward. It looks clean and simple and it¬†doesn’t¬†detract from the clothes! You want people to check the shoes and the outfit first! Too much of a hair style can make a fashionable look tacky almost¬†instantly. Too bad designer Elisa Jimenez learned that the hard way when she landed in the bottom two.

There are¬†definitely¬†lots ways to add more fun to simple sleek ponytail. My favorite look is the rope braid ponytail. It’s¬†extremely¬†easy to do and perfect for girls with thicker hair.

One of my fav tutorials from It’s Judy Time:

Poof-Proof Hairstyles: The Fishtail Braid Ponytail

Got a hair style you think is poof-proof? Submit it to and we’ll post your submission and give you credit for the style!

I love little ways to jazz up ponytails – and here is a great one. If you know how to do a fishtail braid, this is easy to create.

In this tutorial, I pull back half the hair first, start my fishtail braid, and then tie it off at the top of the neck for a sleek ponytail look. However, if you play around with this, you can loosen it up, making your crisscrosses more dramatic for a more casual ‘do. Read through our tutorial and try it out for yourself!

Step One: Tie back even sections of hair from each side. This is where your braided portion will begin.

Step Two: From both sides, separate out two inch-thick sections  from behind each ear.

Step Three: Divide your rubber banded pulled back section into two even sections. Criss cross your inch-thick strands, and add the strands to the opposite divide in the pulled back section, as you would when you start a fishtail braid.

Step Four: Repeat this process about four or five times, taking inch-thick sections from each side and crisscrossing them, continuing to fishtail braid downwards. Tip: Braid a little further down than you actually want it to be in the end. Fishtail braids easily come undone when you secure them.

Step Five: Now, pull all your hair back into a ponytail right at the base of your scalp. Tip: if you find your braid undoes itself, secure it separately before combining it with the rest of your hair. Once you pull all your hair back, then remove the band securing the braid for a consistent look without having your braid come undone!

Celebrity Hairstyles: Olivia Wilde

I remember first seeing Olivia Wilde as the edgy, rebellious friend of Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton) in the television series The O.C., where she struck me as being very different from the rest of the characters on the show. Besides being a talented actress who is now starring in blockbuster movies merely eight years after her first television appearance on the series Skin, she is undoubtedly gorgeous in a unique way.

Besides the fact I would sell my first born child to have a body like hers (kidding, kind of…), let’s get down to what I’m really in love with… her hair.

You might ask, why? She isn’t well known for her hair at all, in fact, her fine hair is styled into pretty ordinary looks from the red carpet to on screen appearances.

However, ordinary is the key for my love of her hair, because I see her wear styles I could realistically emulate without having a personal stylist at my beck and call.

At the Golden Globes in 2011, Olivia went for exactly what I mean when I say an ordinary look – and she looked amazing. Her newest haircut with straight across bangs suits her face perfectly. Photo credit:

Lastly, a more formal side of Olivia is shown with this almost-all-updo. She’s swept back almost all of her hair, teased it at the crown, pinned it, and then curled her hair all over with loose,¬†luscious ringlets so they appear to cascade down the back. I can’t wait to try out this style myself – and if you’re worried about volume, adding a hairpiece for a little boost is easy to conceal right at the crown of your head.¬†¬†Photo courtesy of:

Poof-Proof Hairstyles: The Undone Bun

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One hairstyle that never seems to go out of vogue is the bun. Whether you prefer it low, high, to the side, or somewhere in between, when all other styles have failed, you always have that safe harbor. However, we all know how easy it is to have a bun make you look like you’ve just gotten home from the gym rather than put together.

Here to the rescue is the undone bun – always hot, always cute, and always Poof-Proof.

Scarlett Johansson wears the undone bun with a little bit of poof in the front (the good kind, of course). Photo courtesy of

I can’t remember a time in the past decade that this hair style wasn’t cropping up everywhere labeled as a “trend”, which is great for all of us whether we’re hair stylists or not – because it is SO easy to do!

All you need is a little technique to make a bun look laid back rather than uptight, and I’m here to lend you a few pointers on achieving a loose, I-just-threw-this-together-in-five-minutes-but-look-amazing undone bun.

Wait, that isn't a celeb! Nope, just me in my office with my two lifesavers: the undone bun and coffee.

1. Do the twist

Many of us have abandoned the “ballerina” technique, but this is the best way to achieve a messy undone bun. Don’t twist it too tightly, though, and let your layers fall out as they want for a wispy, natural look.

2. Let Loose

The undone bun never looks good if your hair is pulled against your scalp too tightly. To achieve this, try leaving your part in your hair instead of sweeping all your hair back perfectly. Or, slide the end of a comb or even a pencil under your pulled back strands and tug to add some slack. Also, check out pointer number three…

3. Start with Hair Pins

Most say to start with a hair tie and then finish off the look with bobby pins, but I have always done the opposite, so if the traditional route isn’t working for you, try this instead. When I’m trying to achieve a messy look, I always start with one or two bobby pins, and then wrap a hair tie around the already slightly secured bun. I know I can never rely on bobby pins alone to hold in place for very long plus if I start this do with a hair tie, my hair gets pulled back too tight.

4. Style with Dry Hair

Wet hair is typically too slippery to achieve an effortlessly messy look, so let your tresses dry out before tackling this style. Dry hair will also be easier to sweep back without looking too tight against your scalp.

5. Go Natural

If you start this style with your hair in the most natural state possible, the less frizziness it can achieve throughout the day, right? Also, a messy bun is more difficult to achieve if you’ve already straightened your hair before the process. Wait until your bun is complete before either straightening or curling any ends that look unkempt or face framing layers that need some attention.

Hair Trends: Feather Hair Extensions

When I first saw girls wearing feathers in their hair, I honestly thought it was a fancy dye job, but much to my surprise, no – they were actually extensions! Even though I have embraced wearing feather headbands, feather earrings, and feather necklaces, it still took me a little while to warm up to this style, but the more I have seen it, the more I LOVE it. This trend is is full swing right now. It’s like¬†Pocahontas meets boho chic meets punk rock. So cute.

Jennifer Love Hewitt seen wearing long feather extensions entwined in curled locks for a subtle, casual look. Photo Courtesy of Celeb Salon

Depending on the color and shape of the feather you chose, you can use these extensions to compliment a range of outfits no matter what your style preferences are.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s look is great for every day, while Hilary Duff is seen with wider plumes in her hair in a more formal setting.

Hilary Duff showing off her new style at the Global Action Forum Gala in Beverly Hills. Photo Courtesy of Celeb Salon

You don’t need to spend tons to get this look, either. Since this style is so hot right now, you can find the right feathers (real or fake, whichever you prefer) almost anywhere.

Check out this great tutorial on how to get the look for yourself: