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Global Beauty: The View From Australia

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By Australian Blogger, Christina from Hair Romance 

Australia has almost 20,000km of coastline and 90% of Australians living along the coast, so we’re all about the beach. It’s no surprise one of the most popular hair looks is beach hair.

Christmas is one of the hottest times of the year in Australia and we love to spend the holidays at the beach. (more…)


Fringe Benefits: Choosing the Right Bangs for Your Face

Bangs have definitely made a comeback this year, and it’s looking as if this trend might be here to stay. Whether you have a round face or a long face, the right bangs can compliment anyone. It’s a relatively simple way to give your face a complete makeover.

Zelo’s got the guide to help you choose the right bangs for you.

I think one of the most striking celebrity bang transitions this year is Leighton Meester’s blunt bang. Blunt or Chinese bangs work for her because of her round face. The harsh line of bangs across her forehead creates a theme of angles on her otherwise round face. It brings out her amazing cheek bones and, overall, makes her face look longer and slimmer.

Photo: Property of Hair Boutique

Taylor swift has definitely found the perfect bangs for her oval face. The much softer fringe (above), narrower at the forehead and sweeping downward softly around the eyes, is a vast improvement over her blunt bangs (left), which actually made her face look much longer than it actually is. If you have a long face, try to stay away from any blunt styles that chop your face in half. Go for these subtle, layered fringes instead.

Chinese bangs look better on fuller faces like Leighton or square faces like Lea Micheal.

Heart Shaped faces like Rihanna’s have wider foreheads and a very narrow chin. Full blunt bangs like the style above(left) look beautiful on her but draw attention to the width of her forhead. A side swept look balances her face much better.

Whatever style you chose, the fringes are a sure way to give your hair a sexy, edgier look.


‘Black Hair’: What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Many African Americans have pulled, tugged, braided, weaved, relaxed, texturized and hot combed their hair since they were in kindergarten, maybe even before then. Our hair was tugged into tight braids until it reached that kinky turning point when our mom’s threw in the towel and broke out the Just For Me. And for all those years our hair was resilient and silently took the abuse. But now…why does it suddenly seem as if our hair has been reading self help books? May of us have woken up to find that our strong resilient hair has packed it’s bags and taken the kids with it. (more…)

Hair Trends: Deep Side Part

All down, all in an up-do, or somewhere in between hairstyles on the runways at New York Fashion Week seem to have one detail rampantly in common: the deep side part.

Hailing from the early days of Twiggy in the 60s, I love this look. It’s a great way to easily add some retro flair to your hairstyle, no matter what length or occasion.

What do you think, lovelies? Is the deep side part a trend you’ll snag this fall?

Image Source:, Zimbio

Celebrity Hairstyles: Olivia Wilde

I remember first seeing Olivia Wilde as the edgy, rebellious friend of Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton) in the television series The O.C., where she struck me as being very different from the rest of the characters on the show. Besides being a talented actress who is now starring in blockbuster movies merely eight years after her first television appearance on the series Skin, she is undoubtedly gorgeous in a unique way.

Besides the fact I would sell my first born child to have a body like hers (kidding, kind of…), let’s get down to what I’m really in love with… her hair.

You might ask, why? She isn’t well known for her hair at all, in fact, her fine hair is styled into pretty ordinary looks from the red carpet to on screen appearances.

However, ordinary is the key for my love of her hair, because I see her wear styles I could realistically emulate without having a personal stylist at my beck and call.

At the Golden Globes in 2011, Olivia went for exactly what I mean when I say an ordinary look – and she looked amazing. Her newest haircut with straight across bangs suits her face perfectly. Photo credit:

Lastly, a more formal side of Olivia is shown with this almost-all-updo. She’s swept back almost all of her hair, teased it at the crown, pinned it, and then curled her hair all over with loose, luscious ringlets so they appear to cascade down the back. I can’t wait to try out this style myself – and if you’re worried about volume, adding a hairpiece for a little boost is easy to conceal right at the crown of your head.  Photo courtesy of:

Hair Trend: Hair Garlands

After Valentino debuted their Haute Couture Fall 2011 collection on the runway, they featured models wearing hair garlands. It didn’t take long for this hair trend to boom, and I mean BOOM – two weeks ago stringing flowers in your hair was exclusive to Midsummer Night Dream theme parties and 70’s hippie Halloween costumes, and now little blossom tiaras of all types are back in from every day to big night out.

This trend is accessible and versatile, so don’t wait to get the look! DIY like in this StyleList tutorial with fresh flowers or just pick up any garland you fancy at a craft store, and you’ve got it.

Valentino has a celebrity model? Anne Hathaway elegantly accessorizes this Valentino gown with a hair garland strung over loosely curled tresses for the White Fairy Tale Love Ball held on July 6th, 2011.

Get the Look: Lauren Conrad’s Tie-Dyed Highlights

Lauren Conrad from the reality show the Hills took a bold leap. After having fans vote on whether or not she should color her locks, the vote was unanimous and she pulled through on her end of the bargain. The result? Gorgeous multi-colored hair tips.

I don’t know about you, but I’m instantly obsessed. Now all I am thinking is: “I gotta have that look”.

Now, I’m impulsive.

I also can’t possibly walk around with color in my hair 24-7 between going to work and not being 17 anymore. If you’re like me, you might consider going for washable highlights by Streekers.

These temporary, single-wash lasting colors steaks are recommended by Avril Lavigne, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and a bunch of other top names in the industry. Streekers aren’t a mascara gel like other temporary colors – they are actual temporary hair dye that bonds to your hair to look real and retail for 10.95$ a color from their website. I’ve placed my order so I can get this look, at least for a day. The only downside is waiting two weeks to get my shipment – but I will post the results!

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