This Week’s Top Celebrity Hair Makeovers

Our pick for the week’s top celebrity hair makeovers.

Our favorite dysfunctional redhead is donning a short brunette wig these days for her upcoming role as the ever stylish Elizabeth Taylor in the TV movie Liz & Dick. The short dark look is definitely working for Lindsay.

January Jones is looking more and more like her Mad Men co-star Joan( Christina Hendricks) these days and I approve. The longer layers soften her face and the ginger red tone looks completely natural with her fair skin.

Julian Hough wearing a battered brunette wig for her role as a housewife in the latest Nicholas Sparks flick Safe Haven. I can’t say I like that wig on her but I do like seeing her in darker hues.


The Best “Tress-ed” at the AMAs: You Decide

Property of ABC

Who watched the American Music Awards last night? Me neither. Hands up if you only stick around for the red carpet before these shows!

I can’t tell you who won, but what I can tell you is: the hair was ultra sleek with with air of old Hollywood glam last night. Stars like Selena Gomez and Jenny McCarthy rocked big sculpted curls while Taylor Swift went for the sleek side-ponytail. Although, I must say her ends did look a bit wild. A touch of Zelo keratin would have gone a long way for this look, but it definitely had potential.

One thing’s for sure, the One-sided look was definitely in full effect last night.


Property of ABC


Property of ABC

Property of ABC

Who do you think was the best “tress-ed” last night?



Lauren Conrad goes Peach, Katie Holmes on the Cover of Marie Claire

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Lauren Conrad has done it again! After creating a global hair color craze as thousands of girls attempted to reacreate her rainbow hair tips, LC and her best friend colorist Kristin Ess decided to go with Ombre highlights of yet another color – Peach!

I think the tips look dreamily good (and also make me crave some serious Orange Dreamsicle – just me?), but I wonder how long this color will last. Some speculate that her first tye-dye color job was not even real hair color – or not even her in the pictures! What do you think? Should she stick with the color? Would you wear it? [Read more from Allure]

Call me crazy, but I haven’t seen Katie Holmes in the spotlight of much of anything minus tabloids since she married Tom Cruise and became a mom. However, a refreshingly real interview with the actress about daughter Suri and her future plans for a fashion label will accompany her appearance on the cover of Marie Claire’s November 2011 issue.

I never noticed it before, but how much to Katie and the newest member of the royal family Kate Middleton look alike? They could be twins! Especially in one of the shots of Katie in Marie Claire’s spread where she has her hair styled in a soft blowout – all I could think of was Princess Kate. All in all, I’d call her cover appearance and interview in Marie Claire a win. [See more shots of Katie in Marie Claire]

Poof Proof Hairstyles: High Braided Ponytail

The summer humidity has come to an end for many of us, however, I personally still reside in an area where humidity does not let up just because fall has begun. I still turn to easy hair-do’s that I can trust to stay smooth far into the “winter” months, and here’s another one of my favorites:

the high braided ponytail.

It was Blake Lively who really made this look go viral.

It is the perfect look for a fancier night where you really want to make a statement. Simple, yet I do think it does have a unique edge to it – perfect to compliment a bold dress and a confident attitude ;).

One of my favorite YouTube channels, LuxyHair, has created a video tutorial of the look:

It is very easy to do, however, if you don’t have long hair, you will most likely need to try using extensions to get the right length and thickness of braid. The LuxyHair tutorial shows you exactly where you want to place your extensions for this look.

Once you pull your hair back tightly into a smooth, mid-height ponytail, use your own hair to wrap around the base of the ponytail to hide your rubberband. Then, after adding a little gel or mousse to add some extra poof-proof power, braid in regular three-strand fashion all the way down to the bottom, securing with a band that matches your hair color.

To make it a little messy like Blake, alternate the thickness of your braid strands as you braid down, and just be a little sloppy with your technique!

Voila! You have a red-carpet worthy look that will surely stay put no matter what humidity, wind, or elements come your way.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Nicki Minaj

If there’s one thing Nicki Minaj has down pat, it’s standing out in the spotlight from her crazy outfits, unique way with words, and my favorite, her ever changing hair. Sometimes she switches it up so much I can barely recognize her, like when she chose to don a kimono and hair pinned up in chopsticks at Fashion’s Night out last week in New York City.

More frequently, Nicki is often seen sporting a blonde ‘do cut is various ways and dyed a slew of different colors (and patterns!). She definitely takes dip dye to a new level with this look.


What do you think of Nicki Minaj’s bold hair style choices? Love it or hate it?


Image Source: Tracthertrailher.com, Idolator.com

Hair How-To: Do the Twist

For some reason, I must be subconsciously channeling celebrity trends lately, because I came into work about three times this week wearing the same little twist along my forehead to hold back my bangs – and lo and behold, I came across this Glamour article dubbing the side twist “The Official ‘It’ Hairstyle of the Moment”. Well, how nice is that? Gotta love when you’re accidentally trendy.

I love adding this little flair to my look because it is way easier and faster to create than a braid, yet achieves the same overall look by adding a little bit of thoughtfulness to your hairstyle.

It also works with an up-do, straight hair, curly hair, short hair, long hair – you name it, this style is so versatile.

Need a little tutorial? Well, don’t go any farther. Check out this great video:

Image Source: Glamour.com

Then and Now Hairstyles: Dianna Argon

Dianna Argon, known as Quinn on the hit TV show Glee, recently chopped her hair in a sexy little bob U.S. Weekly quotes her hairstylist as calling the “shab”.

I gotta say, at first I was a little put out that she cut her gorgeous, long blonde cheerleader hair that seals the deal of her character in Glee as being the perfectly primped popular girl – but this new “shab” is absolutely fab.

Before the chop – a younger Dianna Argon walking the red carpet with long blonde locks with face framing bangs.

And now – a sexy tousled cropped look with side-swooped bangs.

I think this new style makes her look ten time more mature – and just look at the confidence she exudes in her most recent photog moments while sporting her edgy new look!

What do you think – do you agree that the cut was a good move, or should she have hung onto the safe, young styled long blonde hair?

Image Source: Starplus.com