Blake Lively

Gossip Girl Gossip: Blair, What is Up With Your Hair?

This past weekend I spent some time catching up on Gossip Girl, and after pretty much missing the entire season 4, I had a lot of catching up to do. Now on Episode 5 of the latest season, the show seems to have just as many twists and turns as it used to. I’m not disappointed – except with Blair!

Typically the gal with the most fashion sense on the show, I have been so let down so far! Especially with how much green envy I have of Leighton Meester anytime she steps out into the limelight, I would like to make a plea to whomever is styling Blair’s hair for the show to reevaluate their strategy. Please! It appears they are trying to go with a 40’s style sleek waved look, but she ends up usually just looking like she stepped out of the shower and let her hair air dry – in a bad way. On top of that, they are trying to sweep her rather short bangs back into her style to hide them, and aren’t doing a very good job of doing so. It’s driving me nuts!

Serena, on the other hand, has already had a dozen hairstyles I love. What’s the deal, Blair!

Any of you keeping up with this season on Gossip Girl?


Poof Proof Hairstyles: High Braided Ponytail

The summer humidity has come to an end for many of us, however, I personally still reside in an area where humidity does not let up just because fall has begun. I still turn to easy hair-do’s that I can trust to stay smooth far into the “winter” months, and here’s another one of my favorites:

the high braided ponytail.

It was Blake Lively who really made this look go viral.

It is the perfect look for a fancier night where you really want to make a statement. Simple, yet I do think it does have a unique edge to it – perfect to compliment a bold dress and a confident attitude ;).

One of my favorite YouTube channels, LuxyHair, has created a video tutorial of the look:

It is very easy to do, however, if you don’t have long hair, you will most likely need to try using extensions to get the right length and thickness of braid. The LuxyHair tutorial shows you exactly where you want to place your extensions for this look.

Once you pull your hair back tightly into a smooth, mid-height ponytail, use your own hair to wrap around the base of the ponytail to hide your rubberband. Then, after adding a little gel or mousse to add some extra poof-proof power, braid in regular three-strand fashion all the way down to the bottom, securing with a band that matches your hair color.

To make it a little messy like Blake, alternate the thickness of your braid strands as you braid down, and just be a little sloppy with your technique!

Voila! You have a red-carpet worthy look that will surely stay put no matter what humidity, wind, or elements come your way.

What Fall Color Trend is Your Fave?

Today marks the first day of fall, and along with the changing colors of the leaves comes the changing colors of hair! This fall, three color trends are making their appearance on fall runways and red carpets. Ombre highlights and wacky jewel tones are staying strong as we move from summer into chillier temperatures, and warm reds are breaking out ahead as the it color for fall.

Which one is your favorite, and have you snagged any of these color choices yet as part of your new fall look? Or, is there a trend not listed that is tugging at your hearstrings?

We want to know!