Zelo Smoothing Kit- The Perfect Hair Smoothing Treatment


We never get tired of showing women the wonderful results of our Zelo Hair Smoothing Kit, now in Target by the way! So if you recently purchased our kit and you’re wondering how to use it, I have described here the step by step application instructions. If you have questions we have an in-house stylist standing by to help you!

1. Shampoo Hair Twice with Zelo Clarifying Deep Cleanser, Step 1

Shampoo hair twice. Rinse while combing hair with fingers or a wide tooth comb to avoid tangling.

IMG_25062. Towel Dry

Towel dry the hair, leaving it slightly moist.
Then separate hair into 3-4 parts using hair clips.

3. Spray Zelo Smoothing Solution, 
Step 2 to Hair

Wearing gloves, spray the Smoothing Solution, step 2, onto small parts, starting from the back of the head.
Note: Avoid spraying the product directly on the scalp. Spray Smoothing Solution 1/4 inch from the roots using a fine tooth comb to distribute the product evenly from roots to ends. After you have thoroughly applied the Smoothing Solution to the hair, comb the hair until you feel the product is evenly distributed.

4. Processing Time

After completing application allow the Smoothing Solution Step 2 to sit in hair for an additional 40-45 minutes for processing. (45 minutes for coarse and/or rebellious curls)

5. Shampoo Hair

Shampoo hair with Zelo Clarifying Deep Cleanser, Step 1, removing all of step 2 before blow-drying.
6. Blow Dry

Remove gloves and blow dry hair 100%. Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to separate the hair to ensure all layers are dried thoroughly.

7. Seal Hair with Flat Iron

Note: Flat iron must be at a temperature of 400°-450°F, (200°-230°C)

Separate the hair and begin flat ironing approx. 1″-2″ sections until hair feels light. Repeat process until entire hair is straightened.

Enjoy the results!


After Care Tips:

  • Always blow dry the hair after each shampoo to maintain the best results.
  • We recommend using Zelo Shampoo and Conditioner, both are paraben-free,salt-free and sulfate-free, when shampooing hair.
  • We recommend coloring of the hair before treatment.
  • Minimize contact with chlorine or salt water to enhance the duration of treatment.

A View from Paris

By Zelo Contributor, Shelby Marcus Ocana

As an American living in Paris, I soon learned the importance of beauty to Parisian women. From an early age, the French are taught to take good care of their hair. It’s quite common to see young girls in a hair salon perched on a chair getting their hair cut and styled next to their mom.   Hair care is extremely important in the French culture, but like most women around the world, French girls don’t have much time to curl or straighten their hair in the morning. Although European French women are mostly born with naturally straight and glossy hair, the rate of immigration has doubled over the past years bringing in many women from North Africa whose hair is curly and more unruly.   Wishing to look more like their “European sisters”, North African women use different methods to straighten their hair.  Flat ironing and keratin blowouts are two of the many ways women who aren’t born with naturally straight hair use to achieve the glam look.

Tony and Guy Salon in Paris

Tony and Guy Salon in Paris

The average French woman sets aside a budget for her trips to the salon, typically spending 50 euros per month on hair care. In Paris, hair salons are numerous and there are many famous stylists who have set up shop. You can find a hair salon on every single block of the nation’s capital, and many women pop in for a quick shampoo and blow-dry to maintain their sleek look before going out at night.   That being said, budget is always a concern and more and more Parisians are taking hair matters in their own hands and doing their hair at home with various types of flat irons.  For women who don’t want to flatiron their hair everyday, (and who has time for that?), keratin straightening kits are hitting the market and proving to be very popular.

 Zelo Paris is waiting!!

Zelo Global Culture Holiday Series

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!   Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year not for the obvious family, magnificent feasts and black Friday deals (trust me I take advantage of it all), but for the one day dedicated to giving thanks and being grateful for our many blessings.  Gratitude leads us all to abundance and a greater purpose.  Thanksgiving also marks the start of the holidays and as a result we begin a new holiday series.

As part of our culture diversity and Zelo’s expansion into so many countries we kick-off a new series over the holidays.  We are so fortunate to have an amazing team around the world willing to share their insights and point of view.  So here’s how it works, Zelo correspondents (men or women) from around the world will contribute information on a woman’s perspective of beauty in their home country (or country where they are residing).  They will share what makes a woman feel good about herself in other parts of the world, i.e. what priority is given to their looks (hair of course is of the most interest)  but makeup, fashion, also welcome.

We hope that you too will chime in and give us your impressions, support and advice as we go on this global journey together.

We’re so excited to be able to put this together on the Daily Frizz and we hope you will find it interesting, useful and hope you will share with your friends, family and readers.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Elenor Roosevelt

Many blessings,  Gisela, Co-Founder

Emily’s Farewell to Zelo’s The Daily Frizz

Yes, this is it, my last day as the author of the Daily Frizz. It has been a pleasure sharing hair tips, tutorials, raves, and “hairspiration” with you all since this began six months ago. Although I am sad to go, I hope to soon be returning to school, have my wedding right around the corner, and am moving on to new great things!

I leave you with the one cameo I made from the Undone Bun Tutorial - check it out, one of my faves 😉

I must admit, though I came to start the Daily Frizz to help others understand their hair better, I learned even more about managing my own hair. I want to thank all of the subscribers and commentors that have shared their tips, insights, and learned with me throughout this whole experience. My hair is so much happier today than it was six months ago (and much of it can be attributed to the magnificence of Zelo, I will admit it!), and I hope the same can be said for all of you :).

I am happy to announce that this will not be the end of the Daily Frizz! Phylicia will be taking the wheel as social media and blogger goddess extraordinaire and her witty banter will now be the voice behind Zelo’s magnificent Facebook, Twitter, and of course, the Daily Frizz blog. Don’t be strangers – and if you haven’t liked us on Facebook or aren’t following us on Twitter yet – what are you waiting for!?

Xo Emily

Gossip Girl Gossip: Blair, What is Up With Your Hair?

This past weekend I spent some time catching up on Gossip Girl, and after pretty much missing the entire season 4, I had a lot of catching up to do. Now on Episode 5 of the latest season, the show seems to have just as many twists and turns as it used to. I’m not disappointed – except with Blair!

Typically the gal with the most fashion sense on the show, I have been so let down so far! Especially with how much green envy I have of Leighton Meester anytime she steps out into the limelight, I would like to make a plea to whomever is styling Blair’s hair for the show to reevaluate their strategy. Please! It appears they are trying to go with a 40’s style sleek waved look, but she ends up usually just looking like she stepped out of the shower and let her hair air dry – in a bad way. On top of that, they are trying to sweep her rather short bangs back into her style to hide them, and aren’t doing a very good job of doing so. It’s driving me nuts!

Serena, on the other hand, has already had a dozen hairstyles I love. What’s the deal, Blair!

Any of you keeping up with this season on Gossip Girl?

Let’s Talk: Movember or “No Shave” November

It wasn’t until this year that I actually thought to ask “why” when it came to the month of November – or Movember. I just sort of let it slide when all the guys around all stopped shaving. It didn’t make sense, but by my mid-twenties, I have kind of learned just to not ask when guys do something real strange ;).

However, all the guys around us growing mustaches throughout the 11th month of every year actually has a purpose – to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer during Prostate Cancer Awareness month. No, I’m not making this up. In fact, Movember has an official website, believe it or not – “Mo Bros”, as they have been dubbed, in many cases will get sponsorship for growing their ‘staches, raising money for the cause all while being “walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November” as the Movember website puts it.

Well, they definitely got me curious enough to ask (finally), so I guess Movember is doing it’s job.

Any of the men in your lives getting a little scruffy with it this month? What do you think, it is an effective way to raise Prostate Cancer Awareness and funds for the cause?