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Zelo Keratin and African American Hair

Zelo Keratin On Natural “Black Hair” Before and After Results

Since Zelo’s airing on HSN this monday, ladies of color have been asking us one thing: “That girl doing her Happy Dance and whipping her hair back and forth, how do I get that?”

No doubt, keratin has been one of the best kept secrets for African American hair, and with that comes a lot of questions. Is it like a relaxer? Is it permanent? What will it do for my natural, afro, relaxed, mixed, curly, or kinky texture?  As an African American myself who is transitioning from relaxed to natural and also has about 5 different textures of hair on her head (lol), I’m going to do my best to address these question/concerns right now. (more…)


‘Black Hair’: What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Many African Americans have pulled, tugged, braided, weaved, relaxed, texturized and hot combed their hair since they were in kindergarten, maybe even before then. Our hair was tugged into tight braids until it reached that kinky turning point when our mom’s threw in the towel and broke out the Just For Me. And for all those years our hair was resilient and silently took the abuse. But now…why does it suddenly seem as if our hair has been reading self help books? May of us have woken up to find that our strong resilient hair has packed it’s bags and taken the kids with it. (more…)

Zelo and Olez Keratin: Before and After

It has been a fun week at the Boca Cosmetics Group’s Boca Raton office. On Monday, stylist Gustavo Tundelo from Rocco Donna in South Beach, FL came in to transform hair with Zelo and Olez Keratin products!

Check out the before and after pictures of the beautiful Jana and Ellie, as well as our very own beauty blogger Emily.

What a difference in all three of these varying hair types!

Jana After:

Ellie Before:

Ellie After:

Emily Before:

Emily After:

Thinking about a Keratin Treatment? Get the 411 and Beat Your Summer Frizz

With summer upon us, the excitement grows as we look forward to warm nights, fun getaways, and more sunshine. However, no matter what your hair type, many of us also dread the summer for one simple reason: frizz. These months of sublime temperatures also come with heat and humidity. You brush and straighten for hours, but all it takes is one step outside to undo all your hard work. In a frantic effort to tame those tresses, you turn to your familiar fallbacks: braids, buns, and ponytails. Despite your best efforts, you still find yourself yearning to see your luscious locks cascading to your shoulders instead of hidden in shame, but what’s a girl to do?

Keratin treatments for hair are growing in popularity everyday. Why? Because they work!

Keratin to your hair is like water to your body. Hair is composed primarily of Keratin, a protein that provides strength to the hair shaft. Everyday when you iron, blow dry, hairspray, dye, hit the beach, swim in the pool, and use chemical treatments on your hair, you are depleting your hair of strength, shine, and health. Keratin treatments, also known as Brazilian Keratin Treatments or BKT, put back into your hair all that you are taking out, making your hair not only healthier but more manageable.

How Much Does it Cost?

In salons, a typical Keratin treatment can run anywhere from 150$ to 350$. Home products are beginning to crop up that you can do yourself (or with the assistance of a friend) for much cheaper, ranging from 50$ to 100$.

What is the Process Like?

Whether you get a Keratin treatment in a salon or at home, you will need to dedicate some time and patience to the process. It takes a couple of hours to apply the treatment, blow dry the hair, and iron it at high temperatures to seal in the product. If you do decide to do an at home treatment, which can be more convenient, make sure to read the directions carefully, especially the first time you try it yourself. Keratin treatments are not like applying your own hair dye at home, it is a different process that you will need to learn in order to ensure results.

What are the Results Like?

Just like with any hair or skin treatment, results vary from person to person. You can definitely expect a difference no matter what; your hair will be softer, shinier, healthier, straighter, and more manageable. Most people who undergo a Keratin treatment experience complete straightening of their hair. Just like a lot of products you may use on your hair already, Keratin works better the more you use it. You will find better results the second and third time you treat your hair than you do for the initial treatment.

Will it Damage My Hair?

Keratin is a rebuilding treatment that deep conditions with the properties that already make up your hair – proteins. It is not like a perm, relaxer, or other chemical treatments that will dry out and damage your hair, it will actually repair the damage and rebuild the strands. It is actually a great treatment to do if you color treat or chemically treat your hair, because it will put health back into your locks.

How Long does it Last?

Keratin treatments, both at home and in the salon, last anywhere from six weeks to a few months. It is a treatment that gradually washes out. If you do get a salon treatment, you can not wash your hair for up to four days after your treatment, as directed by your stylist. However, many at home treatments allow you to wash your hair right after with a salt and sulfate free shampoo.

I am Reading in the News a lot About Formaldehyde. Is Keratin Straightening Dangerous?

There has definitely been a lot of concern about the levels of Formaldehyde being released by in-salon treatments by the FDA and OSHA. However, many products are now being launched that are 100% Formaldehyde-free for salon use as well as home use. Although many people were initially concerned that a Formaldehyde-free solution means a less effective product, this is definitely not true. Cosmetic companies are innovating to produce products that are both safe and effective.