Zelo Clarifying – Deep Cleanser Shampoo: The clarifying lotion removes the impurities of the hair and at the same time, opens the cuticles and prepares the hair for the infusion of the exotic nutrients contained in Zelo Action Keratin Step 2.

Zelo Action Keratin: Zelo Action Keratin is professional-grade smoothing Keratin that lasts up to 3 months. The product contains no formaldehyde. The aromatic fusion of keratin, cysteine, antioxidants, and natural oils treats the hair cuticle and cortex from the inside out. This product hydrates and restores hair mass, providing strength, softness, and shine. It can be applied to any hair type. Hair can be washed at anytime after application and does not conflict with other hair processes.

Zelo Salt & Sulfate Free Shampoo: This salt and sulfate-free shampoo rejuvenates all hair types. A rich blend of proteins and vitamins penetrates the hair shaft, cleaning and moisturizing hair. The combination of such natural oils and minerals: Muru-Muru, Capuacu and Mica, from the Amazon forest, penetrates the hair shaft, cleansing and moisturizing, resulting in shiny , soft, sleek hair.

Zelo Intensive Care Conditioner : The combination of such natural oils and minerals as: Muru-Muru, Capuacu, Karite and Mica restore dry hair and protect hair against heat, ultraviolet rays, and oxidation, thus resulting in longer lasting color, shine, softness and hair that is manageable and tangle-free.

Velvet Hair Gloss: Velvet Gloss is a blend of natural oils from grape seeds, minerals from the Amazon forest, and organic silicone that will coat the hair, eliminating split-ends and tangles. Its properties will rejuvenate all hair types, protecting against frizz and extending color and shine.

Zelo Smoothing Hair Kit Duo: This hair smoothing kit provides professional results at home. The duo kit can be used on any hair type and hair can be washed at anytime. It will not conflict with other hair processes, allowing for color or highlights before or after application. Included in Kit: • 2 oz. Clarifying Shampoo • 2 oz. Action Keratin • Illustrated Instructions • Gloves for application

Ultimate Smoothing Hair Kit: The Ultimate kit offers all you need to get immediate professional results at home. Allows for more control of your hair, reducing the time required for everyday grooming. The Ultimate Smoothing hair Kit Includes: • 2 oz. Clarifying Shampoo • 2 oz. Action Keratin • 8 oz. Salt & Sulfate Free Shampoo • 8 oz. Intensive Care Conditioner • Comb • Hair claw clips • Kit bag • Pair of plastic gloves for application • DVD and illustrated paper instructions in English, Spanish and French.

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  1. I reside in merrylands nsw,i would like to know where i can buy product keratin hair mask,made in Italy 500 ml tub & hw much cost it.Thankyou.

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