Trendy Nail Art for Back to School: Tutorial

DAILYFRIZZ.COM: Trendy Nails How ToCheck out our hot pink, rhinestone embellished nail art! This is the perfect back to school look for fall and it’s super easy to do. All you need is a bright pink and silver nail polish, and a few rhinestones. Use a pair of tweezers and a small squirt of superglue to place the rhinestones on your nail.



Trend Alert: How To: Ombré Lips

Ombre Lips Tutorial

Oh the fierceness of Ombré lips! 🙂

If you spend the majority of your time on Pinterest like us, you know that the ombré trend is not slowing down. There’s Ombré hair, ombré nails, ombré cakes–what’s next, ombré lipstick?!

At first we were hesitant to get on board this seemingly gimmicky makeup trend, but the more we see these colorful gradient looks, the more we kinda…sorta…are secretly in love with them!

Here’s the best Ombré Lips Tutorial Ever!

Items Needed:

  1. A really bright base coat
  2. Dark liner
  3. A bright Shimmery lipstick, gloss, or powder
  4. A brush to blend all three
DAILYFRIZZ.COM: Ombre Lips tutorial


About us: The Daily Frizz is brough to you by Zelo, meaning “care with love” in Portuguese. Zelo is a salon quality Keratin Hair Care line that uses the finest natural ingredients and advanced smoothing technology. Zelo hair care products contain a fusion of Brazilian Keratin, Exotic Oils from the Amazon Rain Forest, Omega Oils and Organic Acids that nourish frizzy, rebellious hair and deliver silky smooth and shiny salon results at home.  Explore products here.

Day 2- New Orleans Event, Zelo Smoothing Results

Our most recent event at ECRM New Orleans was a great success! The models were styled as half heads to showcase the before and after results of our Zelo Keratin Home Smoothing System. This easy to use kit gives you professional salon results at home for a fraction of the cost. Now available in select Target stores nation wide or at your local Navarro pharmacy in South Florida, preparing for a frizz free summer has never been easier or more convenient. Get yours today!

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If you need a one on one consultation, our site has a live chat feature with our in-house stylist available M-F 9am-5:30pm to help you. This program has been designed as a support system for our customers and daily site visitors. Need help with any of the following?

  • Color application
  • Hair styling
  • Up-dos
  • Zelo products
  • Hair issues such as, brittle damaged hair
  • Hair restoration, smoothing, hydration, rejuvenation, detoxification
  • General hair advice, and more!

If you need advice or a little help with anything mentioned above, just visit our site zelocare.com and click the LIVE CHAT button at the top right hand corner of the page. We are here to help you!

2013 Tony Awards

A brief look of this year’s red carpet hair and fashion of the Tony Awards.

Jemal Countess/WireImage

Zelo is looking for hair models in New Orleans!

If you have beautiful, curly, natural hair, live in New Orleans, Louisiana and are super enthusiastic about hair modeling, then we want to talk to you!

family 676

Zelo is looking for hair models to participate at a Business to Business event.

Details are as follows:

Dates: June 25-27
Prep Day: June 24
Clothing: Model Shirts will be provided.
Location: Marriott New Orleans in New Orleans, LA

Responsibility: We will be doing business presentations for beauty product buyers. Models will be present in meeting room during 3-day meetings and showcase their hair results.

If interested please email Phylicia your head-shot with hair in natural curly state.

E-mail: phylicia@bocacosmeticsgroup.com

Zelo Smoothing Kit- The Perfect Hair Smoothing Treatment


We never get tired of showing women the wonderful results of our Zelo Hair Smoothing Kit, now in Target by the way! So if you recently purchased our kit and you’re wondering how to use it, I have described here the step by step application instructions. If you have questions we have an in-house stylist standing by to help you!

1. Shampoo Hair Twice with Zelo Clarifying Deep Cleanser, Step 1

Shampoo hair twice. Rinse while combing hair with fingers or a wide tooth comb to avoid tangling.

IMG_25062. Towel Dry

Towel dry the hair, leaving it slightly moist.
Then separate hair into 3-4 parts using hair clips.

3. Spray Zelo Smoothing Solution, 
Step 2 to Hair

Wearing gloves, spray the Smoothing Solution, step 2, onto small parts, starting from the back of the head.
Note: Avoid spraying the product directly on the scalp. Spray Smoothing Solution 1/4 inch from the roots using a fine tooth comb to distribute the product evenly from roots to ends. After you have thoroughly applied the Smoothing Solution to the hair, comb the hair until you feel the product is evenly distributed.

4. Processing Time

After completing application allow the Smoothing Solution Step 2 to sit in hair for an additional 40-45 minutes for processing. (45 minutes for coarse and/or rebellious curls)

5. Shampoo Hair

Shampoo hair with Zelo Clarifying Deep Cleanser, Step 1, removing all of step 2 before blow-drying.
6. Blow Dry

Remove gloves and blow dry hair 100%. Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to separate the hair to ensure all layers are dried thoroughly.

7. Seal Hair with Flat Iron

Note: Flat iron must be at a temperature of 400°-450°F, (200°-230°C)

Separate the hair and begin flat ironing approx. 1″-2″ sections until hair feels light. Repeat process until entire hair is straightened.

Enjoy the results!


After Care Tips:

  • Always blow dry the hair after each shampoo to maintain the best results.
  • We recommend using Zelo Shampoo and Conditioner, both are paraben-free,salt-free and sulfate-free, when shampooing hair.
  • We recommend coloring of the hair before treatment.
  • Minimize contact with chlorine or salt water to enhance the duration of treatment.