Balayage Vs. Ombré. Do you know the Difference?


Ombré, Balayage…what’s in a name? Is it all the same thing?

Balayage is the new hottest color trend that everyone is running to the salon to get. It looks an awfully lot like an ombré, and doing a Google image search doesn’t really help to clarify the difference.

What is Ombré?

DIY OmbreOmbré is a color style that has a subtle gradation from one color to the next, usually from a person’s natural root color to a lighter blonde at the end.

Notice the different shades of color in our own DIY Ombré on the left. The color flows from dark brown to blonde in different levels along the hair. Many “ombré” hairstyles out there don’t really have any graduation, which we would debate is not really ombré at all.

The color gradient comes from the application technique. Get the at home tutorial now. Check out our DIY Ombré Tutorial.

What about Balayage?

Balayage is not so much of a hair color as it is a hair coloring technique where instead of using highlighting foils, the stylist hand paints the lightener onto the hair without really saturating it. The end results is a very subtle, sun-kissed look. Technically a balayage can be an ombré and and ombré can be balayage. The balayage is the technique and the ombré is the outcome.

Last Tips: An ombré is a really fun and easy color to achieve at home. A balayage takes technique and experience. Definitely ask a stylist who is trained on the latest hair color trends for do this one.


DIY Auburn Red Ombré

DAILY FRIZZ: Fall Auburn Red Ombré TUTORIAL + Formula


Ahh pinterest! Thanks for inspiring us with this awesome auburn red ombré. Fall hair is all about red, and right now we’re loving auburn hues. Here’s a super easy way to get the auburn red ombré look at home on dark hair.

Tools Needed:


  1. Ombré your hair: Since I have naturally dark (level 2) hair I used an ombré kit to lighten my hair to a level 6/7. I followed left my roots dark and created an ombré pattern: DIY Ombré tutorial HERE
  2. After lightening, cleanse and blow-dry your hair completely. Follow the manufacturers instructions: Mix entire tube (2 oz. each) of 5R + 7RC + 4 oz. of 10 VOL developer in a non metallic bowl, apply the product to your lightened hair, and about an inch higher than where your ombré begins.
  3. Rinse your hair thoroughly but don’t shampoo. Apply Zelo Keratin Conditioner to your hair to seal your cuticles and protect the color and leave this in your hair for 15 minutes before rinsing and styling.
  4. PROTECT: Always, ALWAYS use a thermal protector to protect your red hair from fast fading. Use CONTROL PLUS 12-in-1 Spray, before blow-drying and heat styling to protect your color from heat and UV ray fading. Get it HERE.



Our Favorite American Horror Story Coven Hairstyles + Tutorials

Admit it. You are completely obsessed with American Horror Story Coven. Same here! All that witchy girl power gets us super excited! We’re also loving this season’s hair. Here’s a definitive list of the best hairstyles from American Horror Story Coven (with tutorials).

1. Zoe Benson (Shiny and Straight)

American Horror Story Coven top Hairstyles

Straight, shiny locks. This one should be a dosie. But alas, for frizzy, unmanageable textures this sleek look can seem impossible.

HOW TO: Check out Zelo’s line of frizz fighting products. The upcoming Zelo Control Plus Spray delivers 12 benefits to the hair including shine and manageability. Simply spray Control Plus to damp hair and blow-dry using a round brush for the most amazing silky, shiny, frizz-free blowout you’ve ever had in your life. It’s like…magic!

2. Misty Day (Bohemian Curls)

Hair How to

HOW TO: Use a curling wand with Zelo Velvet Gloss for soft wavy curls then run your fingers through your hair to loosen them up a bit. Add in a few feather extensions and you could pass for Misty Day’s twin…or Ke$ha.

3. Marie Laveau (Havana Twists)

American Horror Story Hair

HOW TO: This style is ideal for coarser, curlier hair that will hold the twists. Part your hair into 1″ sections and separate that section into two strands. Twist the strands around each other. Secure the ends with a rubber band. Always keep your twists hydrated with Zelo Velvet Gloss. 

4. Myrtle Snow (Big Red Hair)

American Horror Story Coven Hair

Okay, this may not be the sleekest hairstyle but, as Myrtle would say, “don’t be a hater, dear”. We are in love with her big red hair.

HOW TO: You’ll need a crimping tool and a comb for backcombing handy. Here’s a great tutorial on crimping technique.

The Daily Frizz 2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 59,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 22 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Zelo Keratin Smoothing System- Hair Results

This week we are answering a very good question from a fan @natasharoyal from our fan page on Facebook. She asked if we could post pictures that show the before, after, and post wash results of our Zelo Keratin Smoothing System. So here we go, below is a picture of a customer’s hair before the Zelo Keratin treatment, after the treatment, and after the first wash. Many customers want their hair to be straight without loosing their curls, and that is the beauty of this system. This keratin treatment smoothes out the curls and eliminates frizz for up to 30 washes without permanently altering the curl pattern. After the first wash the customer will see their curls return, yet they will be more manageable, easy to blow dry and style, and easy to achieve the “straight” look. The treatment utilizes a rich blend of oils, vitamins, and organic proteins to deliver sleek and shiny salon results at home.

Zelo Hair Results

Hunger Games Catching Fire: Primrose Everdeen’s Wrap-Around Braid Tutorial

Catching FIre: Primrose Wrap-Around Braid Tutorial

Catching Fire Hunger Games Primrose Braid tutorial arrows

With the upcoming release of the much anticipated sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, we decided to do an inspired hair tutorial on how to do the braid Primrose Everdeen is wearing in all the trailers.

Step 1: Create a side part and divide the hair into two sections. 

Step 2: At the end of the side part, begin an inverted braid (Dutch braid) along the the part line towards the forehead, only grasping additional hair from the side closer to the part.

Step 3: Once you have braided to the forehead line, start moving the braid down and around, grasping additional hair from both sections until you reach behind the ear.

Step 4: Continue the braid across the back of the head, but this time grasping additional from from the side closest to the head until you reach the other side of the ear. Continue the braid down the length of the hair and secure the ends with a hair tie.

Tip: If the braid is laying awkwardly, use bobby pins to pin it behind the ear to hold it in place.

Hunger Games Catching Fire Primrose Braid Tutorial

Good luck, or should be say: may the odds be ever in your favor!

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The Sexiest Hair Cut Of Fall 2013

Short, and Shorter! 

Don’t call it a cute pixie. The hottest/coolest haircuts of the season may be short, but it’s not exactly sweet. By Meirav Devash

Retro Glamour

Hair cuts Fall 2013

Photo by Tom Munro

The 80s soft curls are back in a big way, this is a style ‘must’ for your next get together this fall. Simply use a half-inch curling iron to curl one-inch sections of hair back toward the crown. Use your fingers to separate the curls and pull a few pieces forward as well. For shine and texture use a Velvet Gloss as either a prep or a finish.

Muss, No Fuss

This rough and sexy look started with the air-dry method. The hair was then given a boost of volume with a blast from a blow-dryer. Use a texture serum to give it a fuller, yet messy look by using your

Hair cuts Fall 2013

Photo by Tom Munro

fingers to style the hair. Let the ends fall naturally and use a dash of hair spray on the roots.

Short-Hair Styling Mistakes:

So, you ran to the salon and got your ultra chic pixie hair cut for the fall. Now let’s make sure we don’t make the following styling mistakes.

1. Don’t add volume to the crown 2. Do not blow-dry excessively 3. Don’t shower in gel, the slick look is so last season. 4. Don’t over work your hair, a little styling and product works best. 5. If your pixie cut has bangs that need to be tucked behind your ears or clipped to the side you’re doing it wrong. They should be long on the crown and short on the sides for the perfect look.

Credits:  Allure Magazine