The Best “Tress-ed” at the AMAs: You Decide

Property of ABC

Who watched the American Music Awards last night? Me neither. Hands up if you only stick around for the red carpet before these shows!

I can’t tell you who won, but what I can tell you is: the hair was ultra sleek with with air of old Hollywood glam last night. Stars like Selena Gomez and Jenny McCarthy rocked big sculpted curls while Taylor Swift went for the sleek side-ponytail. Although, I must say her ends did look a bit wild. A touch of Zelo keratin would have gone a long way for this look, but it definitely had potential.

One thing’s for sure, the One-sided look was definitely in full effect last night.


Property of ABC


Property of ABC

Property of ABC

Who do you think was the best “tress-ed” last night?




Hair Poll: Aerosol vs. Pump Hair Spray

This past weekend I attended a wedding, and went with an all up-do. So I wouldn’t have to worry about my hair holding up all night long, you better believe I put many many coats of hairspray on my head.

It made me think back to when I did all my own up-do’s for high school dances. My mom ONLY ever had pump hair spray, and I hated how it would never spray evenly and I’d end up with large splotches of thickly coated stickiness all over my head. Since then, I always buy hairspray in an aerosol. I would never consider getting it in a pump.

Since they still sell pump spray, someone out there is obviously buying it – are you one of them? Which do you prefer, and why?

Why do You Buy Shampoo and Conditioner Together?

A couple weeks ago, we asked you all whether your shampoo and conditioner matched, and an overwhelming number of you said YES.

We’re curious – why is that?

We want to know! Is it functionality? A good deal? Vote 🙂 and comment on this post to tell us more!

Would You Wear It? Print Hair Extensions

I may have had a temporary loss of consciousness today, but I ordered hair extensions for the first time. In color. Yes, every once in awhile I crave doing something crazy with my hair on a temporary basis when the occasion calls for it, but I have brunette hair – so temporary hair streaks won’t show up very well. I’ll keep you posted on what they end up looking like ;).

Regardless of whether or not I’ve lost my mind, I came across a new trend while I was doing my hair extension search – zebra printed hair extensions. With stars like Steven Tyler making feather hair extensions popular, it was only a matter of time until his striped highlights also began to hit the extension world. Check these babies out.

What do you say, Would You Wear It?

What Do You Think of “Going Green” With Your Beauty Products?

Let’s face it, right now going green is a huge fad. People who don’t have the slightest clue what an Earth-friendly product should consist of will grab products with “green” or “natural” in the name just the feel like they’ve done good. And really, what’s the shame in that?

I’ve recently been trying to switch the products in my shower to gels and face washes that don’t use animal testing or are biodegradable. I see it as, each strand of hair on my head has an average lifespan of 2 to 7 years, I should treat them right, right? But, it isn’t an easy feat.  I had a huge issue with a natural, herbal conditioner I tried setting off my seasonal allergies (which is a shame, because man it made my hair so shiny!).

However, I’ve heard many say they would never try a natural product, for many reasons.

Some say they don’t work as well, others feel it’s too expensive.

What do you think? Do you use “natural” or “green” beauty products? Why or why not?

What Fall Color Trend is Your Fave?

Today marks the first day of fall, and along with the changing colors of the leaves comes the changing colors of hair! This fall, three color trends are making their appearance on fall runways and red carpets. Ombre highlights and wacky jewel tones are staying strong as we move from summer into chillier temperatures, and warm reds are breaking out ahead as the it color for fall.

Which one is your favorite, and have you snagged any of these color choices yet as part of your new fall look? Or, is there a trend not listed that is tugging at your hearstrings?

We want to know!

Would You Wear It? The Wet Hair Trend

We’ve been seeing it all over the runways at New York Fashion Week:

It looks like models came in from the rain and immediately hit the catwalk.

Very easy to create with a little (okay, a lot) of gel, slicked back or scrunched hairstyles are purposely being made to look soaking wet.

We want to know, Would You Wear It?

Image Source: Elle.com