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Hunger Games Catching Fire: Primrose Everdeen’s Wrap-Around Braid Tutorial

Catching FIre: Primrose Wrap-Around Braid Tutorial

Catching Fire Hunger Games Primrose Braid tutorial arrows

With the upcoming release of the much anticipated sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, we decided to do an inspired hair tutorial on how to do the braid Primrose Everdeen is wearing in all the trailers.

Step 1: Create a side part and divide the hair into two sections. 

Step 2: At the end of the side part, begin an inverted braid (Dutch braid) along the the part line towards the forehead, only grasping additional hair from the side closer to the part.

Step 3: Once you have braided to the forehead line, start moving the braid down and around, grasping additional hair from both sections until you reach behind the ear.

Step 4: Continue the braid across the back of the head, but this time grasping additional from from the side closest to the head until you reach the other side of the ear. Continue the braid down the length of the hair and secure the ends with a hair tie.

Tip: If the braid is laying awkwardly, use bobby pins to pin it behind the ear to hold it in place.

Hunger Games Catching Fire Primrose Braid Tutorial

Good luck, or should be say: may the odds be ever in your favor!

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The Sexiest Hair Cut Of Fall 2013

Short, and Shorter! 

Don’t call it a cute pixie. The hottest/coolest haircuts of the season may be short, but it’s not exactly sweet. By Meirav Devash

Retro Glamour

Hair cuts Fall 2013

Photo by Tom Munro

The 80s soft curls are back in a big way, this is a style ‘must’ for your next get together this fall. Simply use a half-inch curling iron to curl one-inch sections of hair back toward the crown. Use your fingers to separate the curls and pull a few pieces forward as well. For shine and texture use a Velvet Gloss as either a prep or a finish.

Muss, No Fuss

This rough and sexy look started with the air-dry method. The hair was then given a boost of volume with a blast from a blow-dryer. Use a texture serum to give it a fuller, yet messy look by using your

Hair cuts Fall 2013

Photo by Tom Munro

fingers to style the hair. Let the ends fall naturally and use a dash of hair spray on the roots.

Short-Hair Styling Mistakes:

So, you ran to the salon and got your ultra chic pixie hair cut for the fall. Now let’s make sure we don’t make the following styling mistakes.

1. Don’t add volume to the crown 2. Do not blow-dry excessively 3. Don’t shower in gel, the slick look is so last season. 4. Don’t over work your hair, a little styling and product works best. 5. If your pixie cut has bangs that need to be tucked behind your ears or clipped to the side you’re doing it wrong. They should be long on the crown and short on the sides for the perfect look.

Credits:  Allure Magazine

The Afro Trend- Celebrating Natural Hair (Book) By Michael July!

A beautiful celebration of natural hair by photographer and author Michael July. These beautiful afros are an inspiration; no more relaxers or harsh chemicals. Zelo encourages healthy natural hair, giving you the power to choose between full curls, and on a day where you want less volume, smooth hair. So enjoy your natural hair! Nurture it, care for it, and respect it.

Zelo’s note: If you love natural hair, check out the book Afros: A Celebration of Natural Hair by Michael. 

Finding the right products can be tough, many brands with endless and complicated ingredient lists that we can’t even understand. So how do you know what to look for? For starters, you always want to go for a Salt and Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Salt and Sulfate free hair products are less damaging to your hair, they don’t dry your hair out or strip your color like regular shampoos. You can find Zelo’s Salt and Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner on our website here

Another great tip, is to use a thermo protector on your hair. Your skin isn’t the only part of your body that needs protection from the summer heat and UV rays. The Velvet Gloss is a great buy that not only protects your hair from harmful UV rays, but also shines, detangles, and prevents split ends. Dreaming of natural hair? Check out all the natural hair below and get inspired!

Be sure to check out the book Afros – A Celebration Of Natural Hair by Michael July

Readers please note Afros: A Celebration of Natural Hair by Michael July is not affiliated with Zelo in any way, shape, or form.

Three Back To School Hairstyles You Should Try

1. Flash Effect Highlights

The flash effect is being called the new ombre. It’s set to be one of the hottest hair trends for fall and a definite must-try. Flash effects highlights are highlights carefully made to replicate how the light hits your hair, especially a camera flash. Just enough color is lifted in strategic places to replicate glossy shine which is perfect for dark hair.

Who Should Try It: Brunettes with medium to long hair

DIY Ability: Low: Definitely spend the money on getting it done right by a salon professional.

Maintenance: Low: Great for college students on a budget!

2. Single Side Braid

Popular on celebs like Liv Tyler and Kate Bossworth last year, the single side braid is the perfect way to channel Rihanna’s side-shaved look without giving your parents a heart attack. It’s a young and playful look with just a hint of edginess that’s perfect for the trendy inclined student.

Who Should Try it: Everyone: It looks good on long, short, and medium length hair.

DIY Ability: High.

Maintenance: Low: This is a one-day look that only needs a bit of mouse and hairspray

3. Long Straight Hair

Summer may be the perfect time for curls and beach waves but fall is the perfect opportunity to surprise all your classmates with a new look: long, straight, glossy hair.

Who Should Try it: Wavy to Medium curly hair

DIY Ability: Medium. We suggest getting a keratin treatment at a salon or using Zelo’s home keratin kit to help temporarily relax the curls and to make your morning styling regimen easier.

Maintenance: Medium: Post keratin hair needs minimum styling and upkeep to maintain the straight effect. Add a dose of hair gloss each morning to keep your hair shiny and the ends healthy.

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So HAUTE: Our Favorite Hair Trends Straight from the Runway

From India to Paris, hair has stolen all the runway shows this season. But, only the best looks make it off the runway to the streets and red-carpet. Here’s the haute-est picks for runway looks this season.

1. Braided Side Swoop

My personal favorite braid is the french braided side swoop worn by the models at Deepika Govind’s runway show this spring.

2. Romantic “Milk Maid” Braids

Whether paired with a center part or wrapped around loosely, updo, the milkmaid braid is simple, romantic, elegance.

3. Hair Jewelry

Nicole Richie and Jennifer Lawrence are just a few celebrities recently spotted sporting this flashy hair trend.

A Hint of 40’s Vintage Glam

40's Hair Tutorial

1940’s hair is all about sculpted waves and coiffed curls. Hollywood stars like Veronica Lake, famous for her signature polished waves and deep side part, always looked as if hurricane winds couldn’t blow a single curl out of place.

Taking some notes from the 40’s, I decided to show you guys a simple, everyday look that channels old Hollywood glam.

Three beauty tools you need for achieving this look are: A traditional clip-curling iron, MOUSE/hairspray, bobby pins, and hair gloss to polish it off.

Start by curling the ends of your hair in sections. Don’t just curl the very ends; curl the short layers as well ( this is where the hairspray comes in. You want the curls to look a bit stiff and very defined). Do a side part and (using mouse) brush it sleekly to the side above your forehead. Press your pointer to above your temple and wrap about an inch of hair around it 2-3 times–take your finger out and pin your hair in place. From there just brush your curls out slightly and polish the look off with gloss.

Voila! If you don’t look like a 40’s movie star, you’ll at least look like a 40’s chorus girl, for sure!

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Three Easy Ways to Get Pink Hair

Why should Easter eggs have all the fun? There should be PASTEL for EVERYONE!

While I may have disregarded the pink trend last year, thinking pink hair went out of style along with bands like Simple Plan, the thought of wearing a dainty Easter frock with a candy pink french braid this spring is just too tempting to resist. And so…

Three Simply Ways to Go Pink:

1. Chalk it up!

Lauren Conrad probably sent a wave of women running to the school supply isle to buy chalk last winter, and for good reason; chalk makes a great temporary color! Chalk with water and heat create a temporary tint to the hair that’s  excellent for vibrant color streaks and highlights.

For all-over, ombre, and dip dyeing, Color Bug uses the same concept of the chalk without the damaging heat. It’s a staining powder  that, more importantly, comes in lavender and bright pink for your dip-dying pleasure! Plus, putting it on will make you feel daintier than Marie Antoinette.

Sadly Color Bug isn’t in stores here in the states…yet, but you can definitely find it online. Here’s a tutorial showing how it works.

2. Clip it in

Say you’re not a blonde. Or you don’t feel like powdering your hair like an 18th century courtesan. You can actually clip extensions in to get this multicolored look. Use color for highlights that pop or combine several colors and taste the rainbow! Easilites are my choice for cheap but easy clip-ins made with human hair so you can curl and style as you wish.

3. Commit to it!

If you’re just cool like that or your boss at your job is cool like that, then you should try a semi-permanent pink. Manic Panic in Hot Pink and Raw Color’s Candy are two bright and fluffy pink dyes you’ll find in your neighborhood Hot Topic. The bottles say they last up to 6 weeks. Don’t pay attention to that. It actually lasts up to 3 weeks before it starts to pale. Of course, limiting your number of weekly washes will help.

I bet you didn’t know that pink hair was so easy to do. What do you think? Are you going pink this spring?