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So HAUTE: Our Favorite Hair Trends Straight from the Runway

From India to Paris, hair has stolen all the runway shows this season. But, only the best looks make it off the runway to the streets and red-carpet. Here’s the haute-est picks for runway looks this season.

1. Braided Side Swoop

My personal favorite braid is the french braided side swoop worn by the models at Deepika Govind’s runway show this spring.

2. Romantic “Milk Maid” Braids

Whether paired with a center part or wrapped around loosely, updo, the milkmaid braid is simple, romantic, elegance.

3. Hair Jewelry

Nicole Richie and Jennifer Lawrence are just a few celebrities recently spotted sporting this flashy hair trend.


A Hint of 40’s Vintage Glam

40's Hair Tutorial

1940’s hair is all about sculpted waves and coiffed curls. Hollywood stars like Veronica Lake, famous for her signature polished waves and deep side part, always looked as if hurricane winds couldn’t blow a single curl out of place.

Taking some notes from the 40’s, I decided to show you guys a simple, everyday look that channels old Hollywood glam.

Three beauty tools you need for achieving this look are: A traditional clip-curling iron, MOUSE/hairspray, bobby pins, and hair gloss to polish it off.

Start by curling the ends of your hair in sections. Don’t just curl the very ends; curl the short layers as well ( this is where the hairspray comes in. You want the curls to look a bit stiff and very defined). Do a side part and (using mouse) brush it sleekly to the side above your forehead. Press your pointer to above your temple and wrap about an inch of hair around it 2-3 times–take your finger out and pin your hair in place. From there just brush your curls out slightly and polish the look off with gloss.

Voila! If you don’t look like a 40’s movie star, you’ll at least look like a 40’s chorus girl, for sure!

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Global Beauty: The View From Australia

Property of Hair Romance

By Australian Blogger, Christina from Hair Romance 

Australia has almost 20,000km of coastline and 90% of Australians living along the coast, so we’re all about the beach. It’s no surprise one of the most popular hair looks is beach hair.

Christmas is one of the hottest times of the year in Australia and we love to spend the holidays at the beach. (more…)

Simple Hair Trends this Season

Try one of the hottest hair trends this season, experiment with one of these styles at your next casual or elegant holiday party this season.  

Braids: Who knew the conventional braid would eventually transform into a classy and sultry hairstyle that would prove popular both with style-conscious teenagers as well as the comfort-seeking adults. From a regular day at school or work to a fun and casual party with friends, braids can be trusted. Wear your hair in a loose braid to catch every onlooker’s eyes or wear it in a trendy fish tail style, you can rock this style with just the right accessories and the perfect attitude.

Simple side braid

Bangs: Back with a Bang! Literally. Fringes whether as blunt bangs or as a cool side swept style are definitely back. From Mila Kunis to Jennifer Garner, all the hot celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon to sport this stunning look. Make sure to let your stylist give you the right bangs according to your face shape. After that you’re all set to take on the town to party hard!  For more on bangs and fringes:


Trendy Bangs

Ponytails: This season is all about letting your face show! And there’s no better way to do that than by wearing your hair back in a ponytail. This simple hairstyle, whether worn loose or high up, can make every girl look effortlessly glamorous. Add in big hoop earrings to give off a hip vibe and you’re ready to go!

Pouf Pony

by the Daily Frizz Contributor, Sarah K.


Hairstyles We’re Loving in Paris: TUTORIALS

Paris Street Style: The "knot top"

By Zelo Contributor, Shelby Marcus Ocana

Fall and winter are two seasons when hairstyles can be very versatile and chic at the same time. With the holidays quickly approaching and the women bundling up in big scarves, up-dos are a huge trend that never goes out of style during the cold months.

Transitioning from fall to winter, Parisians are big fans of the famous top knot. Easy to do and not time consuming, it’s a great way to stay chic and casual at the same time when walking out the door on a cold, busy morning.

Another great alternative is the “chignon chic”. It’s a messier version of the top knot but it can be easily dressed up with a fancy pair of chandelier earrings. A quick tutorial for achieving this look is: First, start with a ballerina bun, then take random pieces out of it to loosen and mess it up, then bobby-pin the top portion of the bun down. This hairstyle is great for all you boho-chic girls out there.

Parisian Boho Chic

During the holiday season, whether going to a Christmas event or New Year’s party, Parisians always like to look their very best. And for a lot of women, slicked-back hairdos are a favorite because of their glamorous and “put-together” look that gives the impression that you have spent hours on it, whereas it really took about 10 minutes!

How to get Marion Cotillard's sleek side bun

Our final look is a sleek side-bun that Marion Cotillard sported recently. It looks clean, fresh, classic and fabulous. To achieve this look: just bring all of your hair to one side.  Make sure that your hair is completely brushed through to get that very “flat and shiny “ look. Then, pin your hair using bobby-pins and use hairspray to tame any fly-aways and sleek down all your hair. Voilà !

Fringe Benefits: Choosing the Right Bangs for Your Face

Bangs have definitely made a comeback this year, and it’s looking as if this trend might be here to stay. Whether you have a round face or a long face, the right bangs can compliment anyone. It’s a relatively simple way to give your face a complete makeover.

Zelo’s got the guide to help you choose the right bangs for you.

I think one of the most striking celebrity bang transitions this year is Leighton Meester’s blunt bang. Blunt or Chinese bangs work for her because of her round face. The harsh line of bangs across her forehead creates a theme of angles on her otherwise round face. It brings out her amazing cheek bones and, overall, makes her face look longer and slimmer.

Photo: Property of Hair Boutique

Taylor swift has definitely found the perfect bangs for her oval face. The much softer fringe (above), narrower at the forehead and sweeping downward softly around the eyes, is a vast improvement over her blunt bangs (left), which actually made her face look much longer than it actually is. If you have a long face, try to stay away from any blunt styles that chop your face in half. Go for these subtle, layered fringes instead.

Chinese bangs look better on fuller faces like Leighton or square faces like Lea Micheal.

Heart Shaped faces like Rihanna’s have wider foreheads and a very narrow chin. Full blunt bangs like the style above(left) look beautiful on her but draw attention to the width of her forhead. A side swept look balances her face much better.

Whatever style you chose, the fringes are a sure way to give your hair a sexy, edgier look.


A View from Paris

By Zelo Contributor, Shelby Marcus Ocana

As an American living in Paris, I soon learned the importance of beauty to Parisian women. From an early age, the French are taught to take good care of their hair. It’s quite common to see young girls in a hair salon perched on a chair getting their hair cut and styled next to their mom.   Hair care is extremely important in the French culture, but like most women around the world, French girls don’t have much time to curl or straighten their hair in the morning. Although European French women are mostly born with naturally straight and glossy hair, the rate of immigration has doubled over the past years bringing in many women from North Africa whose hair is curly and more unruly.   Wishing to look more like their “European sisters”, North African women use different methods to straighten their hair.  Flat ironing and keratin blowouts are two of the many ways women who aren’t born with naturally straight hair use to achieve the glam look.

Tony and Guy Salon in Paris

Tony and Guy Salon in Paris

The average French woman sets aside a budget for her trips to the salon, typically spending 50 euros per month on hair care. In Paris, hair salons are numerous and there are many famous stylists who have set up shop. You can find a hair salon on every single block of the nation’s capital, and many women pop in for a quick shampoo and blow-dry to maintain their sleek look before going out at night.   That being said, budget is always a concern and more and more Parisians are taking hair matters in their own hands and doing their hair at home with various types of flat irons.  For women who don’t want to flatiron their hair everyday, (and who has time for that?), keratin straightening kits are hitting the market and proving to be very popular.

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