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Global Beauty: Embracing DIY in Australia

By Australian Contributor: Jane Thompson 

In light of economic hardship, salons have decided not to alter their prices accordingly. At the moment, salon costs in Australia can average around $50 for a man’s haircut and up to $85 for a typical women’s haircut. And this is not taking into account the fact that formal hairstyles can increase the price to a massive $115. (more…)


Global Beauty: The View From Australia

Property of Hair Romance

By Australian Blogger, Christina from Hair Romance 

Australia has almost 20,000km of coastline and 90% of Australians living along the coast, so we’re all about the beach. It’s no surprise one of the most popular hair looks is beach hair.

Christmas is one of the hottest times of the year in Australia and we love to spend the holidays at the beach. (more…)

NYC Street Chic: How New Yorkers Stay Glam in Winter Weather

New York Street Chic

Manhattan is one of the most fabulously fashionable cities I have ever seen, and I’ve seen my fair share of fashionable cities. Whether it’s Harlem with it’s eclectic styles and kinky twists, the indie styles of the lower east side, or the sleek and coiffed ladies of the Upper East Side, New Yorkers are always dressed to impress. This Zelo blogger got to take to the streets of New York City this week, and, like the ladies of Paris wearing their hair in top knots and messy chignon’s, New Yorkers are braving the chill in these easy breezy up-dos as well. (more…)

Home Concoctions for Oily Hair

You are all set to party but you look in to the mirror and realize your hair is just a tad bit oily even though you washed your hair this morning. Definitely frustrating! Oily hair is not only an issue for you but also a problem for millions of women.

Here are some home concoctions that can be an effective solution for oily hair. Try these and soon enough you can say goodbye  to oily and hello silky!

Lemons for Luscious Locks!: Yes it’s true, lemons have the right kind of magical properties that can do wonders for your hair. Squeeze two lemons into two cups of water and after having washed and towel-dried your hair, massaging into your scalp and rinse after 5 minutes.

Egg Yolk with Lemon:
  This can be a magical potient to make your hair feel and look silky.  Mix two egg yolks with a few lemon drops and apply to your hair. Rinse after a few minutes.

Alluring Hair with Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is in many shampoos, however, maybe not in the quantity to make a difference.  Add Aloe Vera to a sulfate free shampoo to get the best results.

These amazingly simple remedies can lead to a refreshingly surprise. Not only is your hair bound to become less prone to oil,  but will no longer look lifeless, limp or dull. So what are you waiting for? Get started!

By Zelo Contributor Sarah K.

Hairstyles We’re Loving in Paris: TUTORIALS

Paris Street Style: The "knot top"

By Zelo Contributor, Shelby Marcus Ocana

Fall and winter are two seasons when hairstyles can be very versatile and chic at the same time. With the holidays quickly approaching and the women bundling up in big scarves, up-dos are a huge trend that never goes out of style during the cold months.

Transitioning from fall to winter, Parisians are big fans of the famous top knot. Easy to do and not time consuming, it’s a great way to stay chic and casual at the same time when walking out the door on a cold, busy morning.

Another great alternative is the “chignon chic”. It’s a messier version of the top knot but it can be easily dressed up with a fancy pair of chandelier earrings. A quick tutorial for achieving this look is: First, start with a ballerina bun, then take random pieces out of it to loosen and mess it up, then bobby-pin the top portion of the bun down. This hairstyle is great for all you boho-chic girls out there.

Parisian Boho Chic

During the holiday season, whether going to a Christmas event or New Year’s party, Parisians always like to look their very best. And for a lot of women, slicked-back hairdos are a favorite because of their glamorous and “put-together” look that gives the impression that you have spent hours on it, whereas it really took about 10 minutes!

How to get Marion Cotillard's sleek side bun

Our final look is a sleek side-bun that Marion Cotillard sported recently. It looks clean, fresh, classic and fabulous. To achieve this look: just bring all of your hair to one side.  Make sure that your hair is completely brushed through to get that very “flat and shiny “ look. Then, pin your hair using bobby-pins and use hairspray to tame any fly-aways and sleek down all your hair. Voilà !

Global Beauty: A View from Pakistan

By Our Contributor in Pakistan, Sarah Khan

Accessorize! It’s what all the fashion gurus say is imperative for you to make a style statement. Here in Pakistan, girls believe the best accessory is one they already have- their hair. All you need to do is improvise: whether to wear your hair up or down, straight or curled, go natural or add in some color for some extra spunk.
Girls here, however, face a rather frustrating problem when it comes to hair. The harsh weather can aggravate conditions for even the best head of hair. The hot summers induce unnecessary frizz and the cooler winters bring about a dead, static feel to the hair not to mention excess dryness. As exacerbating as these hair problems may be, girls all over Pakistan continue to indulge in expensive hair products and styling equipment especially strengtheners.

From a cultural perspective, girls here are encouraged to keep long hair and with the potential problems that come with the weather, this can sometimes turn in to a dilemma. Managing unkempt hair is something the majority of the hair-obsessed female population has learnt to deal with from hand-me-down tips that have stayed in families for centuries. Everything from oiling using mustard/almond oil to herbal treatments such as scalp masks of a mixture of mint crushed in lemon juice and an assortment of other treatments that use common place ingredients such as yogurt and egg are all prevalent in hair treatment processes. It’s rather surprising to note how these home-made treatments dominate professional salon treatments to this day.

Global Beauty: A View From India

By Zelo Contributor, Ritusmita Biswas

In India, long tresses are equivalent to beauty. So most Indian women are keen to maintain long shiny tresses that they feel would attract the attention of others. However, given the climatic conditions inIndia, maintaining long tresses is indeed a challenge. (more…)