Day 2- New Orleans Event, Zelo Smoothing Results

Our most recent event at ECRM New Orleans was a great success! The models were styled as half heads to showcase the before and after results of our Zelo Keratin Home Smoothing System. This easy to use kit gives you professional salon results at home for a fraction of the cost. Now available in select Target stores nation wide or at your local Navarro pharmacy in South Florida, preparing for a frizz free summer has never been easier or more convenient. Get yours today!

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Day 1- Zelo Brand Hits New Orleans

Sneak peek of this week’s 4 day event at ECRM New Orleans. The Zelo crew joined 100+ brands and buyers to showcase their shocking results with the Zelo Home Smoothing Kit, now found in select Target stores nation wide. See Zelo

The Anatomy of Jennifer Lawrence’s Updo

Otherwise known as “Volunteer as tribute? With THIS hair?”

Jennifer Lawrence is definitely my new hair icon! The braids, the bangs, the updos! The girl goes from tomboy to Hollywood glam effortlessly! And how gorgeous was her gold braided updo at the Hunger Games premier? It sent me digging through my jewelry box for gold chains.

How to get Jennifer Lawrence’s updo: Getting her look is actually quite simple. It’s really the gold embellishments that make it look so much more intricate than it really isJennifer is using two gold beaded headbands woven into her braids. You can actually just use two gold rope chains.

Start by gathering your hair into a low ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Gather the chain with your hair and braid your hair neatly. Tie the ends with a rubber band. Go back and widen the braid by tugging each side slightly. From there, you’re just doing a simple wrap-around. Wrap your braid around your ponytail (Princess Leia Style) and secure it with bobby pins. Now take your other chain and wrap that around the outer perimeter.

Voila! Simple, right? I know… Please feel free to tell me what a genius I am for dissecting this one. 😉

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Stay strong, guys. It’s only a few more days till Friday!

Behind the Scenes With Zelo Canada (The Shopping Channel)

Zelo had a BLAST in Canada, doing our thing for The Shopping Channel, yesterday. Did you watch us live? Now you can go behind the scenes and see all the madness that goes on backstage. These are just a few of our backstage pictures.

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Zelo Global Culture Holiday Series

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!   Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year not for the obvious family, magnificent feasts and black Friday deals (trust me I take advantage of it all), but for the one day dedicated to giving thanks and being grateful for our many blessings.  Gratitude leads us all to abundance and a greater purpose.  Thanksgiving also marks the start of the holidays and as a result we begin a new holiday series.

As part of our culture diversity and Zelo’s expansion into so many countries we kick-off a new series over the holidays.  We are so fortunate to have an amazing team around the world willing to share their insights and point of view.  So here’s how it works, Zelo correspondents (men or women) from around the world will contribute information on a woman’s perspective of beauty in their home country (or country where they are residing).  They will share what makes a woman feel good about herself in other parts of the world, i.e. what priority is given to their looks (hair of course is of the most interest)  but makeup, fashion, also welcome.

We hope that you too will chime in and give us your impressions, support and advice as we go on this global journey together.

We’re so excited to be able to put this together on the Daily Frizz and we hope you will find it interesting, useful and hope you will share with your friends, family and readers.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Elenor Roosevelt

Many blessings,  Gisela, Co-Founder

The Best “Tress-ed” at the AMAs: You Decide

Property of ABC

Who watched the American Music Awards last night? Me neither. Hands up if you only stick around for the red carpet before these shows!

I can’t tell you who won, but what I can tell you is: the hair was ultra sleek with with air of old Hollywood glam last night. Stars like Selena Gomez and Jenny McCarthy rocked big sculpted curls while Taylor Swift went for the sleek side-ponytail. Although, I must say her ends did look a bit wild. A touch of Zelo keratin would have gone a long way for this look, but it definitely had potential.

One thing’s for sure, the One-sided look was definitely in full effect last night.


Property of ABC


Property of ABC

Property of ABC

Who do you think was the best “tress-ed” last night?



Zelo on the Home Shopping Network 9/6/2011 at 11pm

Tune into the Home Shopping Network for another great showing of Zelo “Care with Love” At Home Keratin at 11pm on September 6th!

We’re having a styling demonstration and discussion about keratin treatments and after care, so don’t miss it.