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Zelo, meaning “care with love” in Portuguese, is a salon quality Keratin Hair Care line that uses the finest natural ingredients and advanced smoothing technology. Zelo hair care products contain a fusion of Brazilian Keratin, Exotic Oils from the Amazon Rain Forest, Omega Oils and Organic Acids that nourish frizzy, rebellious hair and deliver silky smooth and shiny salon results at home.

Balayage Vs. Ombré. Do you know the Difference?


Ombré, Balayage…what’s in a name? Is it all the same thing?

Balayage is the new hottest color trend that everyone is running to the salon to get. It looks an awfully lot like an ombré, and doing a Google image search doesn’t really help to clarify the difference.

What is Ombré?

DIY OmbreOmbré is a color style that has a subtle gradation from one color to the next, usually from a person’s natural root color to a lighter blonde at the end.

Notice the different shades of color in our own DIY Ombré on the left. The color flows from dark brown to blonde in different levels along the hair. Many “ombré” hairstyles out there don’t really have any graduation, which we would debate is not really ombré at all.

The color gradient comes from the application technique. Get the at home tutorial now. Check out our DIY Ombré Tutorial.

What about Balayage?

Balayage is not so much of a hair color as it is a hair coloring technique where instead of using highlighting foils, the stylist hand paints the lightener onto the hair without really saturating it. The end results is a very subtle, sun-kissed look. Technically a balayage can be an ombré and and ombré can be balayage. The balayage is the technique and the ombré is the outcome.

Last Tips: An ombré is a really fun and easy color to achieve at home. A balayage takes technique and experience. Definitely ask a stylist who is trained on the latest hair color trends for do this one.


How to Rule Your Hair



How to Rule Your Hair (Like a Boss)

It’s true there are are some things in life you just can’t control. Guess what, you hair is no longer one of those things! Control Plus 12-in-1 Spray is our latest product designed to give you TOTAL CONTROL of your hair every single day.

CONTROL PLUS targets the hair after it’s been freshly washed. To use, towel dry your hair and spray CONTROL, blow-dry and style as usual. The protein and moisture rich formula provides a completely flawless hair day, every time.

CONTROL PLUS 12-in-1 Spray Provides:

  • Frizz Control
  • Damage Repair
  • Breakage Control
  • Shine
  • Moisture
  • Strength
  • Manageability
  • Color Extender
  • Humidity Shield
  • Thermal Protection
  • UV Protection
  • Keratin Enhancer

Three Moisture Remedies for Winter Hair

3 Tips for Preserving Hair Moisture in Winter

Winter can be really harsh on hair. It can cause drying, brittle ends and even breakage. Protect your hair against even the harshest of winters with these three tips for keeping your hair healthy and moisturized.

Deep Condition

Since cold weather is very harsh and drying to the hair, be sure to use a deep moisturizing conditioner each time you wash your hair. Take a look at the ingredients and make sure it has a fair amount of natural oils and emollients. Also, take extra care when shampooing your hair to avoid shampoos with salt and sulfate, which dry the hair out. Try Zelo Salt & Sulfate Free Shampoo.

Use a Humidifier

I know what you’re thinking: but humidity is bad for your hair right? Not at all, although it’s usually the cause of frizz, a fairly humid environment keeps your hair and skin looking moisturized. Bonus: a humidifier is actually really great for keeping the skin supple and youthful.

Limit Your Blow-dry Time

Excessive heat is extremely damaging to your hair, especially in the winter. Always use a thermal protector and to limit your blow dry time, carefully pat your hair dry with a towel to remove as much moisture as possible before drying.

DIY Auburn Red Ombré

DAILY FRIZZ: Fall Auburn Red Ombré TUTORIAL + Formula


Ahh pinterest! Thanks for inspiring us with this awesome auburn red ombré. Fall hair is all about red, and right now we’re loving auburn hues. Here’s a super easy way to get the auburn red ombré look at home on dark hair.

Tools Needed:


  1. Ombré your hair: Since I have naturally dark (level 2) hair I used an ombré kit to lighten my hair to a level 6/7. I followed left my roots dark and created an ombré pattern: DIY Ombré tutorial HERE
  2. After lightening, cleanse and blow-dry your hair completely. Follow the manufacturers instructions: Mix entire tube (2 oz. each) of 5R + 7RC + 4 oz. of 10 VOL developer in a non metallic bowl, apply the product to your lightened hair, and about an inch higher than where your ombré begins.
  3. Rinse your hair thoroughly but don’t shampoo. Apply Zelo Keratin Conditioner to your hair to seal your cuticles and protect the color and leave this in your hair for 15 minutes before rinsing and styling.
  4. PROTECT: Always, ALWAYS use a thermal protector to protect your red hair from fast fading. Use CONTROL PLUS 12-in-1 Spray, before blow-drying and heat styling to protect your color from heat and UV ray fading. Get it HERE.



How to Make Your Blow-dry Last Longer

How to make your blow-dry last longer

Why do salon blow-outs always seem to look smoother and last longer than blow-outs done at home? It’s so unfair right? What kind of Hogwarts sorcery do stylists perform to get our hair frizz-free and sleek all day, even in extremely humid south Florida weather?

Let’s crack this case wide open!

From talking to various hair stylists and YEARS of trial and error we have finally cracked the code to getting the perfect blow dry at home that is 100% sleek and shiny and stands up to frizz and humidity. Check out our 3 Tips for a Longer Lasing Blow-Dry.

Tip 1: Always Blow-dry hair 100% Dry:

But it takes foreverrrrr!  We know! The #1 cause of a poofy blow-out is hair that hasn’t been completely dried. Once you step outside and encounter any humidity: POOF! When you think you’re hair is dry, keep going; make sure there’s not one ounce of moisture left. I know it sucks and your arms are killing you but hey, think about what a great workout you’re getting.

Tip 2: Product Is Key

Your natural hair texture decides the longevity of your blow-dry. That’s why it is essential to use a leave-in product that controls your texture. Zelo CONTROL PLUS 12-in-1 Spray is the ultimate leave-in conditioner that provides thermal protection and makes your blow dry last longer by closing the cuticle with a barrier that protects hair from humidity and frizz and keratin protein that smooths away any blemishes in the cuticle, giving the hair a perfectly polished and sleek surface. Get it here!

Tip 3: Perfect Your Technique

At the end of the day, what makes a salon blow-out so great is the stylist’s technique. Here are a few blow-drying best practices you should always keep in mind:

  • Always blow-dry smaller sections instead of the entire head at once. Use clips to section your hair off.
  • Use a larger round brush to lift your roots for a more voluminous blow-dry.
  • Never blow-dry against the cuticle. Instead blow-dry downward (with the cuticle) for optimum sleekness.

Taming Frizzy Hair With Zelo

Hey all!!! We came across several Zelo Keratin reviews by other bloggers and decided to re-share them here for you in the next couple of weeks. Let’s read what these beauty bloggers have to say about Zelo.

The following posting was originally written by Mindy from

I’m Taming My Wild Hair with Zelo Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System

I have struggled with my frizzy, coarse hair for as long as I can remember.  It’s super thick, hard to manage, and a huge pain to style every single day. I blame it all on my parents.  My Dad had a big ol’ Afro in high school, so I was either “blessed” with his hair genes, or the damage was done when my Mom spiral permed my hair over and over again as a child.  Either way, my hair has been torturing me for as long as I can remember.

Dad's Afro

In high school, I wanted straight hair so badly that I would literally place a hot iron (pre-flat iron days) on my hair to flatten it out.  I wasn’t the least bit concerned about burning myself.  I just wanted straight hair!!

When the flat iron was finally invented and made available in stores, I jumped for joy.  I could finally get my hair straight without worrying about burning myself, and I could reach areas I couldn’t with a regular iron.  I have been using a flat iron (one of the expensive and super fancy ones that goes all the way up to 450 degrees) for many years now.  The flat iron helps me to achieve the straight-haired look that I want, but it takes FOREVER for me to straighten my hair every day, and it also damages my hair quickly, due to the constant high heat exposure.

I’ve been wanting to try a professional keratin treatment on my hair for several years now, but they are very expensive.  I just don’t have extra hundreds of dollars laying around to get my hair professionally straightened.  It was always one of those “maybe some day” things for me.

When I heard about Zelo Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System, I jumped at the chance to try it out.  This is a treatment I could do by myself, in the comfort of my own home, and best of all, it is very affordable!

Zelo Professional Keratin Smoothing System

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Coconut Oil & Honey Hair Mask For Dry Hair

Zelo Blog, hair mask for dry hairWe all go through that phase in our lives when we’ve experimented so much with our hair that we suddenly find our beautiful  tresses becoming dull and dry. If your hair needs a serious pick me up, a home-made coconut oil and honey hair mask can do the trick. This mask is perfect to provide great nourishment and some serious hydration to dry and damaged hair.

What You’ll Need:

  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Raw Honey
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Towel

For the coconut oil and raw honey you’ll want to use equal parts of each. For example, you can start with 1 tbsp. of coconut oil and 1 tbsp. of honey, mix it together in the bowl with the spoon. For longer hair, you may find that you need just a little more of each, or maybe less all together for shorter hair.

Before you start, you’ll want to place the towel around your neck to keep the mask from getting all over your clothes. Take the mask and apply to sections of your hair from top to bottom using your hands. Be sure to generously and evenly cover your hair with the mask. When done, simply clip your hair up and let the mask process for 30 to 40 minutes.

Note: You can apply the mask to wet or dry hair. Applying the mask to wet hair is highly recommended as it’ll be much easier.

Finally, wash your hair as usual with shampoo and conditioner and done.  Enjoy your hydrated, revived tresses!

Allergy Precautions:

Before trying any home-made remedy, it is always good practice to take a small amount of the ingredients you are going to use and test them on a small patch of skin for a few minutes. If the area turns red and itchy or you feel any type of discomfort it’ll be best to avoid using those ingredients, try an alternative remedy instead.  If no reaction occurs, then it is probably safe to use for your skin.