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“R.I.P. Frizz” Zelo Cupcakes (Recipe)

Don’t these spooky cupcakes, inspired by Zelo’s Hair Straightening Duo and Anti-Frizz Velvet Hair Gloss, make you want to kill frizz?

If you’re anything like me, you probably sit around and plot the demise of your frizz while laughing to crackling thunder more than you’re willing to admit.

These yummy, red velvet cupcakes topped with ghoulish milano cookie headstone are the perfect way to get into the spirit of Halloween!

Zelo’s “R.I.P. Frizz” Halloween Cupcakes Recipe:


  • 1 Red Velvet Cake Mix
  • 16 oz. Cream Cheese Frosting
  • About 6 Milano Cookies broken in half
  • Food coloring (preferably black or make your own by mixing equal parts of red, yellow, and blue)
  • two teaspoons of Cocoa powder
  • Small (black) icing tube


  • Preheat the oven to 350° F. Since these cupcakes don’t need liners, be sure to spray the baking tin with non-stick spray.
  • Combine the Zelo Velvet Gloss…I mean, Red Velvet Cake mix and required ingredients (2 eggs, water, oil) in a bowl until all the ingredients are incorporated.
  •  Fill the cupcake tin half full with the batter and bake for 25 minutes, then allow them to cool.
  • Dark Frosting: Mix the equal parts of the food coloring into the frosting until you get a grayish/brown.
  • R.I.P. Frizz tombstones: Break 6 milano cookies in half horizontally. Use the black icing tube to CAREFULLY write on each half.
  • Generously pipe the brown/grey frosting on the cupcakes then top each with a tombstone.
  • Laugh maniacally.

And there you have it: Frizz is dead!

After you’re done putting frizz in it’s place, visit to check out the line of anti-frizz, home keratin products.


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Good Wigs Gone Bad

Kim Kardashian $2000 mermaid wig

By now you’ve heard about Kim Kardashian spending $2000 on this blonde wig for her mermaid costume this weekend–and you’re probably freaking out. You’re asking yourself, “who in their right mind would spend $2000 on a wig, let alone a wig for one time use!”

Luckily, we’re here to break down the costs:

Breakdown of Costs for Kim Kardashian’s $2000 Wig

  1. Cost of Hair: $600
  2. Wig-making Cost: $200
  3. Added Cost for gullible customers: $1200

Speaking of Dubious Lace Fronts…

Britney Spears Cover of Lucky

Check out Britney on the cover of Lucky magazine sporting a very obvious and badly styled, lace front wig. Britney fans were not too pleased about the pics, causing Lucky to issue this apology via twitter:

We’ll forgive you this time, but please, ladies, leave the lace front wearing to the pros!

Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Azalia Banks

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Our Favorite Hair Trends at the MTV VMAs

1.)  Short Cuts

Property of The Huffington Post

Rihanna completely wowed us at the MTV VMAs last night, unveiling her new short pixie cut. She’s been no stranger to short hair in the past and we’re glad to see her revisiting her signature style. Miley seemed to be channeling a bit of Rihanna’s edge with her faux hawk (also one of Rihanna’s past styles). It’s not our favorite look of hers but she did wear it well with a sheer black gown.

2.) Bottle Blondes

Property of The Huffington Post

Demi Lovato’s hair looked radiant and natural last night while Rita Ora’s jewled outfit and hair seemed to wash her out. BUT, since this is the LEAST we’ve ever seen of her roots we’ll give her a pass from the Better Blondes Bureau.

Quick Tip: Bleached hair tends to look and feel very dry and damaged. You can easily achieve healthy bleached locks by switching to a sulfate-free shampoo like Zelo’s Salt and Sulfate Free Shampoo. Sulfates strip the hair of moisture and are a big NO NO for bottle blondes.

3.) Soft Waves

Property of Huffington Post

Both Katy Perry and Gabby Douglas were lovely wearing soft waves. We doubt any of Gabby’s critics could find fault. Their hair was sleek, polished, and most of all SHINY!

Quick tip: You can easily achieve this look with a curling wand. For more contrast and body, curl each section in the opposite direction. Polish the look off with Zelo’s Velvet hair gloss for shine.

What were your favorite looks of the night?

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Three Back To School Hairstyles You Should Try

1. Flash Effect Highlights

The flash effect is being called the new ombre. It’s set to be one of the hottest hair trends for fall and a definite must-try. Flash effects highlights are highlights carefully made to replicate how the light hits your hair, especially a camera flash. Just enough color is lifted in strategic places to replicate glossy shine which is perfect for dark hair.

Who Should Try It: Brunettes with medium to long hair

DIY Ability: Low: Definitely spend the money on getting it done right by a salon professional.

Maintenance: Low: Great for college students on a budget!

2. Single Side Braid

Popular on celebs like Liv Tyler and Kate Bossworth last year, the single side braid is the perfect way to channel Rihanna’s side-shaved look without giving your parents a heart attack. It’s a young and playful look with just a hint of edginess that’s perfect for the trendy inclined student.

Who Should Try it: Everyone: It looks good on long, short, and medium length hair.

DIY Ability: High.

Maintenance: Low: This is a one-day look that only needs a bit of mouse and hairspray

3. Long Straight Hair

Summer may be the perfect time for curls and beach waves but fall is the perfect opportunity to surprise all your classmates with a new look: long, straight, glossy hair.

Who Should Try it: Wavy to Medium curly hair

DIY Ability: Medium. We suggest getting a keratin treatment at a salon or using Zelo’s home keratin kit to help temporarily relax the curls and to make your morning styling regimen easier.

Maintenance: Medium: Post keratin hair needs minimum styling and upkeep to maintain the straight effect. Add a dose of hair gloss each morning to keep your hair shiny and the ends healthy.

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This Week’s Top Celebrity Hair Makeovers

Our pick for the week’s top celebrity hair makeovers.

Our favorite dysfunctional redhead is donning a short brunette wig these days for her upcoming role as the ever stylish Elizabeth Taylor in the TV movie Liz & Dick. The short dark look is definitely working for Lindsay.

January Jones is looking more and more like her Mad Men co-star Joan( Christina Hendricks) these days and I approve. The longer layers soften her face and the ginger red tone looks completely natural with her fair skin.

Julian Hough wearing a battered brunette wig for her role as a housewife in the latest Nicholas Sparks flick Safe Haven. I can’t say I like that wig on her but I do like seeing her in darker hues.

Noteworthy Billboard Awards Hair Transformations

80’s jacket dress aside, this is our FAVORITE hairstyle Miley has rocked to date. We LOVED her January Jones inspired bob with tousled loose curls and long layers. And though we can’t say we’re happy to see her ombre go, honey blonde is definitely her color.

Another Noteworthy pick is Brandy. We couldn’t stop staring at her hair on the carpet. We’ve seen her with braids and we’ve seen her wear a series of overly silky looking wigs, but we are so glad to see her going back to her edgy and earthy look. Big, wild curls really soften her face. She looks young and most of all SEXY and ultra feminine.

Bravo, Ladies on your stunning hair transformations!

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