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Emily’s Farewell to Zelo’s The Daily Frizz

Yes, this is it, my last day as the author of the Daily Frizz. It has been a pleasure sharing hair tips, tutorials, raves, and “hairspiration” with you all since this began six months ago. Although I am sad to go, I hope to soon be returning to school, have my wedding right around the corner, and am moving on to new great things!

I leave you with the one cameo I made from the Undone Bun Tutorial - check it out, one of my faves 😉

I must admit, though I came to start the Daily Frizz to help others understand their hair better, I learned even more about managing my own hair. I want to thank all of the subscribers and commentors that have shared their tips, insights, and learned with me throughout this whole experience. My hair is so much happier today than it was six months ago (and much of it can be attributed to the magnificence of Zelo, I will admit it!), and I hope the same can be said for all of you :).

I am happy to announce that this will not be the end of the Daily Frizz! Phylicia will be taking the wheel as social media and blogger goddess extraordinaire and her witty banter will now be the voice behind Zelo’s magnificent Facebook, Twitter, and of course, the Daily Frizz blog. Don’t be strangers – and if you haven’t liked us on Facebook or aren’t following us on Twitter yet – what are you waiting for!?

Xo Emily


Gossip Girl Gossip: Blair, What is Up With Your Hair?

This past weekend I spent some time catching up on Gossip Girl, and after pretty much missing the entire season 4, I had a lot of catching up to do. Now on Episode 5 of the latest season, the show seems to have just as many twists and turns as it used to. I’m not disappointed – except with Blair!

Typically the gal with the most fashion sense on the show, I have been so let down so far! Especially with how much green envy I have of Leighton Meester anytime she steps out into the limelight, I would like to make a plea to whomever is styling Blair’s hair for the show to reevaluate their strategy. Please! It appears they are trying to go with a 40’s style sleek waved look, but she ends up usually just looking like she stepped out of the shower and let her hair air dry – in a bad way. On top of that, they are trying to sweep her rather short bangs back into her style to hide them, and aren’t doing a very good job of doing so. It’s driving me nuts!

Serena, on the other hand, has already had a dozen hairstyles I love. What’s the deal, Blair!

Any of you keeping up with this season on Gossip Girl?

Let’s Talk: Movember or “No Shave” November

It wasn’t until this year that I actually thought to ask “why” when it came to the month of November – or Movember. I just sort of let it slide when all the guys around all stopped shaving. It didn’t make sense, but by my mid-twenties, I have kind of learned just to not ask when guys do something real strange ;).

However, all the guys around us growing mustaches throughout the 11th month of every year actually has a purpose – to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer during Prostate Cancer Awareness month. No, I’m not making this up. In fact, Movember has an official website, believe it or not – “Mo Bros”, as they have been dubbed, in many cases will get sponsorship for growing their ‘staches, raising money for the cause all while being “walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November” as the Movember website puts it.

Well, they definitely got me curious enough to ask (finally), so I guess Movember is doing it’s job.

Any of the men in your lives getting a little scruffy with it this month? What do you think, it is an effective way to raise Prostate Cancer Awareness and funds for the cause?

Hair Care: Winter Hair Tips

November is here! Many across the U.S. have already seen snow, so it’s no mystery that winter is almost upon us. Dryer winter air and cold temperatures can have a serious impact on your hair. You know what I’m talking about – dreaded winter frizz, static, and breakage.

Turns out that the cold is not the only culprit of dry hair during the winter – it has even more to do with heat. We crank up the heaters in our homes, spend more time indoors, take long hot showers and baths, and use hot tools and hair dryers more frequently during frosty months. Let’s take a look at some tricks to keeping your hair looking great throughout this chilly season ahead.

Protect Your Hair Outdoors

Whipping winds at freezing temperatures dry out your hair just as much as your skin – we just don’t feel it! Wear hats and scarves to protect your hair as much as you can when you leave the house, and never ever walk outside in the cold if you have wet hair.

Protect Your Hair From the Heat

Wait, is that a typo? Nope, I’m serious. Make sure you are using heat protectant spray on your hair before you blow dry or use hot tools such as straighteners or curling irons. They make a huge difference in the strength and shine of your hair when you style. Heat dries out and damages your hair, making it prone to breakage and split ends.

Condition Like Crazy

During the winter, you hair tends to be dryer because of the heat in your home and the dryness of the air outside. Make sure you bump up your conditioning routine to keep your hair moisturized – do a weekly hair mask, add a leave-in conditioner to your routine, and even add conditioner to your ends before you shampoo to give them a little more protection when you wash your hair.

Cut Down on Washes

Washing your hair daily really strips your hair of moisture, so try to wash your hair with shampoo less, alternating with a conditioner-only rinse or using dry shampoo.

Use the Cold to Your Advantage

While blasting hot water in the shower seems like the best thing during these cold days, it definitely isn’t good for your hair. Rinse your hair in cold water after you wash and condition to lock in moisture and shine. Also, when your hair is not being tended to, try to keep your hair out of the hot water with a shower cap or ponytail if you love those toasty soaks too much (I know I do!).

Any tips and tricks we missed that you always go to during the winter months? Or have you tried any of these to keep your hair shiny and moisturized even when it’s chilly outside?

Zooey Deschanel Stuns It at the World Series, Lauren Conrad to Pen New Beauty Book

Need the latest headlines in hair trend news? Come back every Monday for the The Frizz Report for the top styles, hair transformation, and runway trends of the previous week.

Who knew game 4 of the World Series would be a topic headline in so many fashion publications this past week! It’s true, Zooey Deschanel performed the National Anthem looking like an adorable all american girl. Her loosely curled half-up half-down style and her red and white striped dress had me going “aww”.

This girl can do no wrong I thought (at least with her style and overall quirky adorableness) although many protested when they noticed she left during the 7th inning of the game. She’s a busy girl, people! And I definitely want to see another new episode of New Girl come out soon, please! [More on the Performance]


Lauren Conrad has hit the headlines again this week. Yes, again! The once reality TV star turned fashion designer turned blogger turned hair trend icon (sorry LC, you’ve got us all confused already) is now turned AUTHOR. The elegant Conrad has announced she will be releasing a beauty book. I’m kind of excited, since I must admit, I love the blog she writes with her two beauty savvy friends, The Beauty Department. [Read what LC has to say about her new great American novel]

Emily VanCamp Amps Up Her Style as Emily Thorne on Revenge

Last night things started to get sticky for the character Emily Thorne on the latest ABC drama Revenge. Don’t worry, no spoilers here, but I got to say I’m hooked. You can just tell there is going to be a not so lucky moment for Emily hiding right around the corner.

I am always so jealous of Emily’s attire in the show (I am still trying to figure out what that yellow dress was that she was wearing to the mother-daughter tea featured two episodes back), although for the most part I find her chosen hairstyle of ragged curls to be a little unimpressive. In the latest episode, however, she showed up to a 4th of July night time soiree with a smooth, low bun that I loved, not to mention that red dress she was wearing for the occasion.

Any of you keeping up with Revenge? What do you think of the show so far? What do you think is around the corner for the mischief crazy Emily Thorne?

The X Factor: Beautiful Voices, Gorgeous Hair!

I don’t know about all of you guys, but I have been riveted to The X Factor lately. Although I do confess I wish Simon would be a little tougher (really, is he having some out of body experience? He’s almost being nice), the setup of the contest really is what gets me as they’ve teamed up and work together all the while they are competing against each other.

Stacy Francis while singing ‘Purple Rain’

Along with beautiful voices and extreme talent, I can’t help but notice that nearly all the contestants in these last few final shows have absolutely gorgeous hair! I’m looking at you, Melanie Amaro and Stacy Francis. I was definitely sad to see Simone Battle leave the competition, and I began to realize my favorites on the show had little to do with their actual singing talent and more to do with their amazing locks.

Simone went curly and straight throughout the show - and I was jealous the whole time!

I did say nearly all the contestants still on the show have absolutely gorgeous hair… I am just itching to give Rachel Crow a keratin treatment. But, after all… she is only 13, can you believe it? So much confidence and even more talent.

Any of you following the show? Who are your favorites?