Trend Alert: How To: Ombré Lips

Ombre Lips Tutorial

Oh the fierceness of Ombré lips! 🙂

If you spend the majority of your time on Pinterest like us, you know that the ombré trend is not slowing down. There’s Ombré hair, ombré nails, ombré cakes–what’s next, ombré lipstick?!

At first we were hesitant to get on board this seemingly gimmicky makeup trend, but the more we see these colorful gradient looks, the more we kinda…sorta…are secretly in love with them!

Here’s the best Ombré Lips Tutorial Ever!

Items Needed:

  1. A really bright base coat
  2. Dark liner
  3. A bright Shimmery lipstick, gloss, or powder
  4. A brush to blend all three
DAILYFRIZZ.COM: Ombre Lips tutorial


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