How-to: Easy Milkmaid Braid – A Braid Cheat!

Milkmaid tutorial cover

You know what I love about a milkmaid braid? Everything! Milkmaid braids are a year-round trend that’s easy to achieve, chic, AND the perfect dirty hair style for those lazy hair days.

Not good at braiding? Here’s a simple braid CHEAT for achieving this look.

Materials Needed:

How to do an EASY Milkmaid Braid:milkmaid braid steps


  1. Part your hair down the center and braid each side. Use a rubber band to seal the ends.
  2. Step 2: Wrap each braid around your crown and use the bobby pins to pin one braid over the other. Wrap and tuck the second braid under the first so that you can’t see the ends.
  3. Pin along the braid to secure to your head.


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