Taylor Swift went with a soft pony tail for this look, coupled with cute bangs and lovely make-up to tie it all in together.

Taylor Swift

How To Style:

1. Prep clean, dry hair with a light hold working hairspray.

2. Section off the fringe and smooth lightly with a flat iron to create a slightly beveled edge. Smooth remaining hair back and gather into a ponytail and secure with a hair tie.

3. Lightly curl ponytail ends using a large barrel curling iron then brush out with a paddle brush for a soft finish.

4. Set this look with a light hold hairspray.

Recommended Hair Products:

Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner, for a smooth silky look
Velvet Gloss to eliminate tangles and split ends

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This look is suitable for round, oval or heart-shaped faces. This style works best on thick hair.


Create a soft low bun by gathering hair at the base of the ponytail and secure with hair pins.

Credits: latest-hairstyles, Tanya Ramirez


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