What’s New With Zelo?

Hi Everyone!

We have a new website!!! www.zelocare.com It’s user friendly, modern, and all of our products are easy to find. How do you like our new look?


Target- So our most recent splash has been the addition of our Zelo line of products to the Target family. As you all know we are very excited! Not only can you find us at select Target stores in the Naturals/Texture section, but all of our products have crazy discounts! Our Zelo Keratin Smoothing Duo is only $29.99!


Did I mention our current promo? Buy the duo kit at Target and you can get a free $5 gift card just by sending us a cut out of the barcode on the box! Details for this promotion can be found on our promo page on Facebook.

Local participant Lauren was the first to send us the barcode!

            Local participant Lauren was the first to send us the bar-code!

We’re on Instagram! 

Hash tag #zelocare on Instagram and follow us! We have all kinds of neat contests coming up, your photo may just be featured on our Facebook cover page, and don’t forget all the prizes we’ll be giving out for participating.



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