Zelo Attends The Oscars 2013

This year Zelo will be attending the Oscars! We are very excited and honored to be one of the few chosen hair lines to participate in this glorious event. The Zelo product line combines the latest in cosmetic technology while utilizing a unique blend of exotic nutrients and keratin. The combination of keratin and cysteine, along with powerful nutrients and thermal-protectors, maintains the balance and health of strong, silky, shiny hair. For the Oscars, our featured product is our Zelo Velvet – 1 fl oz (30ml) which has a blend of grape seed oil, natural minerals and organic silicone for eliminating split-ends and tangles. Packaged alongside our sister line Olez Inception, many of the nominees will be receiving an exclusive gift with our products. Follow us on Instagram and stay tuned Feb 18-24 as we post backstage pictures of the Oscars and all your favorite celebs!

Gift To Oscars Nominees 2013

Gift To Oscars Nominees 2013


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