Good Wigs Gone Bad

Kim Kardashian $2000 mermaid wig

By now you’ve heard about Kim Kardashian spending $2000 on this blonde wig for her mermaid costume this weekend–and you’re probably freaking out. You’re asking yourself, “who in their right mind would spend $2000 on a wig, let alone a wig for one time use!”

Luckily, we’re here to break down the costs:

Breakdown of Costs for Kim Kardashian’s $2000 Wig

  1. Cost of Hair: $600
  2. Wig-making Cost: $200
  3. Added Cost for gullible customers: $1200

Speaking of Dubious Lace Fronts…

Britney Spears Cover of Lucky

Check out Britney on the cover of Lucky magazine sporting a very obvious and badly styled, lace front wig. Britney fans were not too pleased about the pics, causing Lucky to issue this apology via twitter:

We’ll forgive you this time, but please, ladies, leave the lace front wearing to the pros!

Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Azalia Banks

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