Will Biotin help your grow hair faster?

Biotin, the myth is the newest super vitamin that’s claim to fame is that it makes your hair grow longer and stronger, faster.

What we like: Biotin is essential to cell growth, healthy hair, nails and skin. It’s a natural nutrient found in foods like salmon, almonds, Swiss chard and beverages like dark beer (woohoo!)

BUT: Ladies, before you order that keg, you should know that your hair grows at a fixed rate so chances are biotin alone will not make your hair grow faster. However, If you’re experiencing brittle nails and thinning hair there’s a chance you might be biotin deficient, and adding biotin to your diet might cut down on your hair loss.

The Verdict: Since biotin is a natural vitamin that promotes healthy hair and growth, adding a bit of biotin to your diet can’t hurt. But don’t expect to grow a foot of hair overnight. Keeping a balanced diet rich in growth promoting vitamins, in addition to getting exercise and beauty sleep are all needed to optimize your hair’s growth.

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