DIY Ombré Hair

Don’t call it a comeback! I LOVE Ombré and I was so sad to see it fade (lol) last fall. Imagine my pleasant surprise to see ombré hair cycling right back into fashion this Spring. And everyone should be excited about it because now you can FINALLY try it out (you KNOW you want to!)

How to Ombre Your Hair At Home:


Ombre is actually really simple. What’s difficult is determining how light you want to go and where to start the fade. Assess your ends, obviousness we’d all love to go full Drew Barrymore brunette-to-ash blonde, but if your ends are weak a more subtle gradient is the healthiest choice for your hair. Some DIYers prefer the 2-step process but I personally think the one-step is better for your hair. There are limits to how light your hair can go with just one bleaching so if you REALLY want light blonde at the ends, go for the two-step tutorial found here on ZOELLA’s Beauty Blog.


1.) Combine 40vol Developer and Powder bleach. Use your own hands (with gloves of course) and just work it into the ends. This will be the lightest part of your ombre so you want to bleach about 3-4 inches (lengthwise) or more, depending on your hair length. Wrap the bleached ends with foil and let that process for about 30-45mins (trust me your hair is lighter than it looks at this point).

2.) After you un-foil, repeat the same step, comb the bleach into your hair with your fingers from the starting point and over your already bleached ends (Don’t forget the back!). Foil and process for another 20-30mins. Try to leave some bleached hair outside the foil at the top for a better gradient.

Tip: A good starting point for ombre is your cheeks. The messier and more uneven the you are with applying the bleach the better. You don’t want your ombre to look like a color block. Messy= Natural, right! 🙂

TONER TIME: If you’re using an ash-blonde box color kit or highlighting kit for Ombre, then there’s probably toner in  the mix to keep your hair from going YELLOW or BRASS. Brassy blonde is perfectly normal after bleaching dark toned hair. Toner helps to eliminate the yellow and brassy tones. I went with an ASH toner “Wella Color Charm T14“.  Rinse and towel dry your hair. Combine Wella toner with 20vol developer and let that stay in your hair for 30 mins. Rinse (No Shampoo) & Condition.

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    1. Hey thanks for the feedback. I know!!! I really want to buy a pair of ombre leggings so bad. Ombre everything is in for sure. Ombre nails, hair, tights… 🙂 Hope you try ombre out on your hair and let me know how it turns out.

      1. wahahahha you’ll have to change your name then pretty soon.. hehe have you seen the ombre nails? they use a makeup sponge. its so interesting. hehe..

  1. When you move to step 2, do you wash the bleach out from the ends of your hair before applying to the next section of hair?

    1. Hi Emily, you will definitely need to use a 40 dev to get the right amount of lift otherwise you would need to do multiple bleaching which is just as damaging. Just make sure you deep condition your hair before and after dying it. Bleaching your hair when it’s slightly dirty helps. The oils in your hair help to lesson the damage a bit.

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