The Katniss Braid Revisited

I decided to revisit my Katniss Braid tutorial with a little help from my friend Sally who is a master braider.

First section your hair into two parts depending on which side your diagonal braid is going. The bulk of your hair is going into a diagonal dutch braid. You’ll only need a small section of hair for a side french braid.

Braid the larger section from the top going diagonally downward. This is an inverted french braid (dutch).

French braid the smaller section of hair to the ends. You’ll be braiding this into your dutch braid. Untie the dutch and braid these two braids together and tie the ends. You might have to unbraid the dutch braid a little to incorporate them.

And voila! You have a Katniss braid. Perfect for those weekend trips to the bakery, eh?(hehehe).

To get that perfect Katniss look down, I suggest sectioning out some hair in the front ahead of time. If you try to pull hair out of the dutch braid it will just look sloppy. Leave some hair out in the front to do a side swoop bang with curly tendrils.



    1. Hi there! I had the unbraid the french braid JUST A LITTLE at the ends so that could braid it with my dutch braid. 🙂

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