Katniss Everdeen’s (Hunger Games) Side Braid How-to

Happy Friday! If you’re like me then you’re OBSESSED with the book series The Hunger Games. I think they need to come up with a new name for us. Potter fans have “Potterheads” and Twilight fans have “Twihards”. Anyway…I digress.

Braids are the hottest hair trend right now, and with the upcoming film release, Katniss Everdeen’s messy side braid is an absolute must have. Here’s an easy, short-cut, way to get her look in under 5 minutes!

Start by pinning up your hair, leaving about 1/3 of it to one side. Set aside some hair in the front for a side part as well.

Since I’m way too lazy to french braid, I simply braided the smaller section of hair (start it as a french braid for about 2 inches then braid out the rest).

Use a some bobby pins to pin that braid accross your nape, creating a foux french braid effect. Gather all your hair to one side with a hair tie and braid it all together in one fat braid.  Part the front of your hair to the side, and curl any longer pieces (I used a flat iron).

Et voila! You’ve got Katniss Everdeen’s look in less than 5 minutes. Now all you need is a bow and arrow…and Peeta…or Gale. 😉





    1. LOL Nice! I like it! Can I be a Capitolist though? I’d MUCH rather be wearing a pink wig and fine dining. Hehe. Thanks for the feedback.

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