The Best “Tress-ed” at the AMAs: You Decide

Property of ABC

Who watched the American Music Awards last night? Me neither. Hands up if you only stick around for the red carpet before these shows!

I can’t tell you who won, but what I can tell you is: the hair was ultra sleek with with air of old Hollywood glam last night. Stars like Selena Gomez and Jenny McCarthy rocked big sculpted curls while Taylor Swift went for the sleek side-ponytail. Although, I must say her ends did look a bit wild. A touch of Zelo keratin would have gone a long way for this look, but it definitely had potential.

One thing’s for sure, the One-sided look was definitely in full effect last night.


Property of ABC


Property of ABC

Property of ABC

Who do you think was the best “tress-ed” last night?





    1. Hahaha. His suit needed some tailoring BIG time. I don’t really understand what’s with him and oversized clothing. A complex, maybe? Thanks for the feedback!

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