Hair Care: Are You Cutting Your Hair Enough?

With long hair, I don’t get it cut nearly enough. Because of my long layers and very simple haircut, I don’t really need to. However, I never seem to realize that this is my main cause of all my “hair problems” – my ends looking ratty, my hair losing volume, even my style not holding up throughout the day.

One of my favorite 30 Rock clips of all time is the one where Jack states, “I get my hair cut every two days, after all, your hair is your head suit.” Funny, but true – don’t you always notice how your hair being done up really completes your outfit?

Now, I’m not saying that YOU need to cut your hair every two days, but it is recommended you get a cut every 6-8 weeks – that’s nearly every month. But WHY you may ask? Especially if you have long hair like mine, or you are trying to grow your hair out, you may especially wonder what the point is to visiting a hairdresser so often.

Mainly, you want to get your hair cut often because it rids you of split ends, breakage, and fragile hair. The hair at your ends is the oldest, and thus the most delicate. When trying to grow hair out, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not getting trims often. Your hair will be much more prone to breakage without frequent cuts, and thus, your hair will actually seem to grow more slowly. It’s the same deal if you have chemically processed, dyed, or bleached locks – your hair is more prone to damage, and getting a cut every 6 weeks or so will keep your hair looking best at whatever length you prefer.

So, time to fess up. When’s the last time YOU got your hair cut?



    1. Silly hairdresser, sounds like they need to read this post! 😛

      Whenever I am growing out my hair, I get 1/2 inch trims and stay on schedule – but usually stray to more of 8-9 weeks between cuts. Otherwise, it’s breakage and split end city!

      Good luck growing out your hair 🙂

      Xo Emily

    2. Hi Bonkasaurus,

      As a hairdresser, when I have a client that wants to grow their how out, I tell them two things. One, you need a goal. What do you want to grow out to. and two, you can come in for a haircut every 8 weeks as long as the ends look healthy. If you see splitting, then get in here ASAP. The key to growing your hair out is keeping the ends as stron as possible and always reminding your hairdresser that your goal is to grow it out. Your hairdresser may or may not remember your goals…so remind them in the consultation.

      One more thing. If I can cut off your hair to different styles, then why can you grow it out through different styles. I do this with my clients all the time and it makes growing it out a lot more fun. Get yourself a picture of your goal style. Now get your self two, three, or maybe even five pictures each a little longer than you are now. Then see what you and your stylist can achieve along the way!

      Hair should be fun…make it that way.

      Good luck

      Maurice Grossano

  1. I had my hair trimmed about a month ago. For the most part Im pretty good at keeping up with trims only bc my mom is good at trimming my hair. Thats it though, I would be scared to let her cut off anymore than 3 inches. lol.

    Lately, In probably the past month I’ve noticed that my hair is falling out a lot more than usual. I know its normal and its always happened. But definitely not this much. I pull out strands of hair at a time in the shower. It was never like that and when I comb through my hair so much falls out, to the point Im disgusted. Thank god I have so much hair or I’d be going bald. What do you think all of a sudden would cause this?

    Kelly 🙂

    1. Hmm, increased hair loss can be caused by SO many different things. Have you changed the products you typically use, shampoo, or had any different treatments or colorings that you don’t normally do? Other causes of increased shedding can be hormonal or medical. Keep an eye on it, it could honestly just be your normal hair cycle. If it continues or gets worse, consult your stylist or even your doctor!

      When I switched to an SLS free shampoo like I’ve written about in the past, my shedding has diminished significantly. But, I sometimes notice a little more hair loss if I’ve done a lot of styling to my hair or have used a lot of styling product. Or, if I’ve had my hair up and then don’t take it out until I’m showering, it makes it seem like I’m losing so much hair when really it’s just my regular shedding that hasn’t been able to fall freely throughout the day. Just one of those things that could be a case of perception!

      Xo Emily

      1. You know what it is, and I just figured it out a few days ago. Just like you said about having your hair up for a while and not taking it down until you shower. Well I lost my job about a month ago and ever since then my hair’s been up a lot more, except for when i would go out at night. So that makes perfect sense, its def bc I dont have my hair down almost everyday like I used to. Thanks for pointing that out! I’m obsessed with hair care, products, styling tools, etc. That’s why I love your blog bc you give such great info and tips!!


  2. I seem to leave hair everywhere too but I don’t know if that’s because it’s just more obvious as it is long or whether I am actually losing more than the rest of my family. (I prefer to think that it’s just more obvious 🙂 )

    I go to the hairdresser every 5 weeks to get the color touched up but only get it cut every other time and that seems to keep it in pretty good condition. I use a lot of conditioner on the ends though and rarely use heated appliances. I think that helps.

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