Product Spotlight: EasiLites Clip In Color

Last week, I asked you guys whether you would ever wear Printed Hair Extensions – you guys protested a loud NO WAY! C’mon, not even for Halloween??

Regardless, I got some of my own extensions – no, not the print kind, sorry, but they are colored, and they have definitely prompted my interest in hair extensions. I have been seriously craving a splash of color in my hair, especially with all the bold color moves we’ve been seeing lately from Katy Perry to Lauren Conrad to ombre color all over the fall runways. However, if you’re like me, you might not want color all the time, especially if you work in an office or like to change up your look a lot.

I tried some temporary hair streaks, and really liked adding color to my hair, but still, I’m a light brunette – bright color doesn’t show up very well! So now I tried some of these EasiLites clip in color extensions from

See below:

To be honest, I have no idea where I’ll end up wearing these, but Halloween is right around the corner, so all of  you gals wanting to add some craziness to your hair but are afraid of temporary dyes or are brunette like me, check these out!

A word to the warning, the extension shown in my picture is actually 4 separate extensions, they are each about 3/4ths an inch in width. It gives you a lot of flexibility in placement, and you can also mix a few different colors together seamlessly. I am such a fan of how easy these are to use, plus you can hot iron or curl them.

Any of you love extensions? What kinds have you used?


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