Celebrity Hairstyles: Lea Michele

Last week and this week have been eventful for anyone who follows one of prime time’s most popular shows. Among all the amazing fall premiers, the beloved Glee has come back to Fox with more star power than ever. The one actress who is continuously in the spotlight? The lovely Lea Michele, who plays the ambitious Rachel Barry.

Lea always goes for simple, natural all-down hairstyles, and it’s obvious why. I don’t know how this gorgeous gal could evoke anything but hair envy (and just plain envy in general) in anyone’s hearts.

What do you think of this starlet’s long locks?

Image Source: RealBeauty.com, Zimbio.com



  1. I really like it! I have naturally curly hair, but it tends to be frizzy on top. I’ve have both straighteners, curlers and hot rollers, but I keep failing at making curls like hers or the Kardashians. 😦

  2. I feel your pain, my hair has a lot of body and tends to frizz up, especially living in the Southeast, humidity is practically year round! I use keratin infused shampoo and conditioner and also use an at home keratin treatment to keep my hair smoother, you should consider it! It cuts down on the frizz and gives me more options with my hair. SO worth it.

    I’ve also found using a curling iron without a clip can create curls like hers or the Kardashians a lot easier – whenever I use one with a clip my curls tend to look too perfect and prom like. Check out our post on it: https://zelocare.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/hair-how-to-curling-with-a-clipless-curling-iron/

    Xo Emily

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