What Would You Look Like Without… Eyebrows?

I found an article yesterday about a website called Celebs With No Eyebrows, a commpletely wacky but absolutely addicting website of all celebrity photos with and without eyebrows.

If you don’t believe me on how interesting this really is, you have to check it out for yourself. Caution: give your fingers a stretch and clear your schedule because you’ll be scrolling for at least the next hour.

It really is fascinating to me how one area of hair on your face can completely change your appearance. I tend to be able to spot a bad eyebrow job on another female immediately. I always wondered if guys noticed “good” eyebrows or “bad” eyebrows, and all of my guy friends said the same thing: “It’s like with the way girls dress. We don’t know why we like or don’t like your outfit, we just know we like the way you look or we don’t like the way you look. Same thing with eyebrows, it probably can make someone look unattractive or attractive, we just don’t realize it’s the determining factor.”

What do you think? Are eyebrows an important feature in your appearance?



    1. Hahaha, she definitely does. Some of the celebs looked weirdly normal without them… but I think Natalie Portman looked straight up alien without brows. Don’t think it’s going to be a trend to be browless anytime in the 21st century, that’s for sure!

      Thanks for the comment! Xo

  1. First off I cant imagine what I would look like without eyebrows nor do I want to find out lol. But I def think nicely shaped and neat eyebrows make a difference, good eyebrows bring out your eyes more (I think).

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