Top it Off! Hats for Fall 2011

Summer is dwindling and fall is gearing up, and although I will absolutely have the latest hair color, cut, and style trends coming your way soon, today I got SO excited about my favorite Fall and Winter accessory – HATS!

Yes, there is a time and place for hats in the summer – but for me, nothing says Fall like a trendy new hat fit for temperatures below 80 degrees (this summer has really been relentless, hasn’t it? Thank heavens for keratin treatments!).

While checking out the abundant display of hats hitting the runways this fall, two trends popped out at me as favorites: the Wide Brimmed Fedora and the 1930’s inspired Cloche.

Both styles just make me think of old Hollywood Glamour. Of some of the more bizarre hats coming into Vogue (as an avid equestrian growing up, I can’t ever see myself wearing a riding helmet inspired hat – not to mention in bright red!), I found these most versatile, and are both fully adaptable for a day or night time look.

What do you think, either of these fall hat trends strike your fancy?

Move over, fedora! Your wide brimmed cousin is taking over.

The lovely Cloche hat, perfect for casual to formal in seconds.

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