Hair Trends: Retro Hairstyles

Breaking news: the beehive is back!

Retro 60’s hairstyles have been hitting the red carpets as more and more celebs embrace this sky high hairdo once again. I think for those who have a classic style and a timeless look, the smooth and slicked back beehive is a great retro up-do of choice.

I want to know – Who do you think out of these celebs pulled off the beehive the best? Anyone you think should give this style a rest?

J. Lo’s sleek beehive with a zig zagged side part?

Hilary Duff’s ‘do tied with a bow?

Kate Beckinsale’s touseled style?

Katherine Heigl’s look pulled back by a double headband?

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  1. I like all of these ladies with this hair style…it looks a lot more creative than just leaving it down. I have to say that J Lo and Hilary Duff did it the best, though. Nice post!

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