Poof-Proof Hairstyles: Nicole Richie’s Side Braid

Nicole Richie recently rocked headlines with a super cute braided look at the Ella Moss 10 Year Anniversary Celebration. It was the perfect combination of young and playful, and even better still, it is definitely poof-proof – and if you’re wondering how to do it – I’m here to show you!

This braid is super easy to do – it’s a combination of two french braids brought together into one fishtail braid.

Step One:

Part your hair. Nicole has hers parted pretty near to dead center, but I encourage a side part if that’s what you like.

Step Two:

Separate your hair down your part evenly on both sides. If you chose a side part, angle the separation down the back of your head so you have semi-even braids on each side.

Step Three:

French braid down each side of your head. To shake things up, experiment with where the braids start. Starting the braids lower down will allow for a more laid back look.

Step Four:

At the base of your skull, bring all you hair together and to the side. Fishtail braid down to the ends. Secure, and you’re done!

Image Source: Stylebistro.com


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