Then and Now Hairstyles: Nicole Polizzi aka “Snooki”

In honor of tonight’s premier of Jersey Shore’s 4th season, taking place in the beautiful Florence, Italy, I thought a celebrity spotlight on one of the reality TV show’s most beloved characters (and I mean characters) was needed.

Snooki is all Jersey and 100% herself – despite constant attacks on her style from her absurd clothing choices, taste in footwear, and of course, her hair.

In fact, she was featured as numero uno in Daily Makeover’s recent slideshow featuring “The Best of the Worst”.

When Snooki came onto the show in Season 1, it didn’t take long until she was criticized by the world for her infamous “poof” hairstyle.

But come on, that girl rocked it! Even in the face of much adversity, Snooki has defended her past hair choice, because SHE liked it, and that’s all that matters, right? However, it is true that Snooki publicly announced last fall that she’s giving the poof a rest, not wanting to be “predictable”. Poof or no poof, she will undoubtedly always be beloved for her quirky utterances and unique fashion. She really is a picture perfect example of how confidence allows you to pull off anything.

Feel like rocking it Snooki style to bring in the next season of Jersey Shore madness? Check out this video, which is Snooki herself showing how it’s done.

What do you think, is Snooki a style don’t? Or does she really have inner confidence down to a “T”?

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