Then and Now Celebrity Hairstyles: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is one of those actresses that I have grown up with as a 20-something. I remember watching “Friends” as a tween and just wishing I could be Rachel. She was gorgeous, had a cool city job, the best wardrobe, roomed with her BFF for life, and of course – always had the BEST hair. Still today when anyone mentions the “Rachel” hairstyle, we all can picture it in our heads – smooth, sleek, perfectly volumized hair.

Life hasn’t always been peachy keen for her. We’ve seen Jen bounce from marriage to relationship to single-dom so many times. However, through it all, we have always put her hair on a pedestal.

And now, 7 years after the end of “Friends”, I’ve noticed Jen is back in the trend setting spotlight for the sleek bob she has been wearing these days. I’ve seen at least 10 of my close friends lobbing off their locks and calling it the modern day “Rachel”.

Back on Friends: The “Rachel” layered look Jen was known for at the turn of the century. Photo Source:

Jen now: cute cropped hair making a buzz around the world! Photo Source:

What do you think? Do you agree with me that Jen’s recent hair choice is perfect for her?


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