Hair How-To: Waterfall and Double Waterfall Braid

Have a hairstyle you’ve seen in pictures and would like a tutorial on? Send it to me at and I will do my best to crack it! 

In an older post on shaking up your typical braid, I shared a video on the wonderful waterfall braid – a bohemian-looking twist on the typical french braid. I found this picture floating around of two waterfall braids in a row, and instantly knew I needed to figure out how to recreate. Thus, a new blog series has been born. I am excited to share this little side-ponytail with pizzazz.

The inspiration, found on Tumblr

The waterfall braid is easy enough to create, it just takes a little practice.

Within my tutorial I have provided the brief steps to forming the waterfall braid in steps 2-5, which can be used a variety of ways outside of today’s hairstyle recreation. If you want a video on the waterfall braid for a better look, check out the older post. If you already know how to do the waterfall braid, feel free to skip through steps 2-5.

Note: the pictures in this tutorial were all taken by me. I love sharing, but if you do want to use them, please give me credit and link back to my blog. 

Step 1: To begin, start with smooth, frizz free hair by using Zelocare Home Keratin Smoothing System. Separate out a chunk of hair above your ear and begin doing a simple french braid downwards. This gives a clean start to the style before we start the waterfall braid.

Step 2: Once you have braided down to right at your ear, we will move into the waterfall braid. You will start this by taking more hair into your braid, as if you were continuing a french braid (red piece).

Step 3: You will then drop the front most piece of the braid, highlighted in blue.

Step 4: In order to replace to piece you dropped and continue the braid, now pick up a chunk of hair from directly behind where you want the braid to lie. Make this piece an even size with the others in your braid.

Step 5: Continue the braid like you would’ve normally, had you not dropped the blue piece, replacing it with the green piece, as shown. You will now continue steps 2-4, replacing the blue piece with the red/pink piece, adding hair to the yellow piece, and eventually dropping the yellow piece in the next succession. Get it? This technique takes practice, but after a few tries you will be able to create this consistently.

Step 6: Now that you’ve got the hang of the waterfall braid, braid using this drop technique all the way across the head until you reach the other side. I like to leave a little chunk free in the front, but it’s optional. You’ll see how this plays in later.

Step 7: Before moving onto the second braid, braid you first one down a few inches, french braiding in about half of the front chunk we left free in the last step. Secure with a rubber band or clip for now.

Step 8: Now we are ready to start the second braid. Going back to the initial side of the head, french braid down another inch or so, creating a little bit of space between the first braid and the soon-to-be second one.

Step 9: Begin another waterfall braid, feeding the dropped pieces from the first waterfall into the second. To make this look really woven, try to feed the dropped pieces from the first braid straight into the sections that will be dropped in the second braid, as shown. Braid all the way across, maintaining an inch or two gap between the two braids.

Step 10: Now we need to connect the top braid and the bottom braid, and this is simple. Un-secure the top braid and combine it with the end of the bottom braid, braiding downwards. As you do this, french braid in the rest of the front strands we left free earlier (this gives a cascading, smooth look to the front).

Step 11: Almost there! Just gather the rest of the hair and sweep it to the side of the braided ends, securing it it a low side ponytail. All done!



    1. That is definitely an option, Sam! The only concern would be that your second braid might end up looking thicker than the first depending on the thickness of your hair, because you are bringing all your hair into the braid instead of dropping pieces as you go.

      Let us know how it works out if you try it! Xo

    1. My answer for you is: Dont go chasing waterfalls, my friend.

      All jokes aside, I just tried it on my hair which is relatively short with layers and it didn’t turn out as neat as I wanted it to. The biggest issue is that it becomes difficult to catch all my hair while braiding it because of the shorter layers. And the shorter strands tend to stick out through the braids. With some mouse in hand, it might be worth a shot.

      Good luck!

  1. I’m not quite clear on a number of the steps, I think lighter-coloured hair would help so it would be easier to see what the hair is doing.

    1. i think in the video each strand should be a dyed a different color so you can clearly see the separate strands, would this work with thick black hair?

  2. I LOVE THIS BRAID. I am into water fall braids but have never seen it double. Its so cool!
    Instead of gathering it into a to the side ponytail I keep braiding it down giving it a Katniss Affect. (Hunger Games)
    Thanks For Telling us how to do this.

  3. I think it is the coolest hairstyle of braids(cuz braids are normally considered boring and old-fashioned) ! Love you cute girls! MUUAAHHH!!!!!

  4. I would like to know what other hairstyle tutorials do you have because in school, I always want my hair to be awesome. I tried to do this hairstyle on my hair and showed it off to my classmates and they really think its so cool!

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