Poof-Proof Hairstyle: The Knotted Ponytail

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I found this detailed tutorial picture while browsing on Tumblr (check out the Daily Frizz by Zelo’s Hairspiration page on Tumblr, tons of great hairstyle ideas to peruse!) and had to share.

I tried out this pony and it is such an easy way to put long hair into a side pony tail without making it look drab.

If you can’t tell form the photo, this is really, truly, knotting your hair twice and securing it with a bobby pin.

Step by step in words:

1.) Add a little mousse to already straightened hair. This will make it so the knot doesn’t slip undone.

2.) Divide your hair into two even sections

3.) Knot your hair once

4.) Knot your hair again

5.) Pull down the front section of the knot so both ends of the knot lie flat, this changes the look of the double knot into a loop.

6.) At this point, I couldn’t tell what she is doing in the step by step – I think she is using a needle and thread to secure it. A rubber band could be used at this point and be hidden up in the knot, and I additionally pushed a bobby pin up through the center of this to keep the knot intact.

7.) The picture shows teasing the ponytail for a messy look, but I find this step optional. If you want a sleek look, skip this.

8.) Voila! All done.



  1. I just did this to my hair…so easy… look great. although my hair is short there is a very short pony tail it works and looks nice.

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