Hair Profile: I Straightened Up With a Keratin Treatment

I got my first keratin treatment a few weeks ago, and couldn’t wait to shout about the results – but, to give you all the best possible review of the outcomes, I wanted to wait to write about it to make sure the great results I was experiencing right off the bat would last. Well, they did, and now I feel confident in shouting to the rooftops about this hair treatment!

Hair Profile

Name: Emily S.

Hair Type: Long, wavy, fine hair with lots of body

Style Time: 30 mins – 1 hour

Difficulties: My hair just does not look good naturally with it’s in-between straight and wavy look, and it was impossible to get straight without ironing. My hair was so fine that when I did iron, any of my natural volume would just get flattened. Also, no matter what I did to style my hair in the morning, living in South Florida heat and humidity really un-did all my efforts to keep my hair straight. 

Product Used: Zelo Keratin Duo, 50.00$ at Amazon or the Zelo Website

Why I Selected the Product: I chose Zelo because it is formaldehyde free – completely, even during the heating/ironing process formaldehyde (which is really a gas more than a listed ingredient in keratin products) is not released. On top of that, Zelo chose a formula that doesn’t have other chemicals that are known to be harsh and cause complications from keratin treatments. After doing the research, I knew this would be the safest option, plus I could do the treatment at home for a fraction of the cost of getting it done in the salon.

Before Photo:

Before I got this treatment, I didn’t really think my hair would benefit from a keratin treatment, despite claims that they did wonders on any hair type. I didn’t have entirely unruly or outrageously curly frizzy hair. However, now that I have gotten one, the results have me hooked. Here is what my hair looked like right after the treatment:

Right away, you can see my hair is shinier, straighter and even longer, but of course I expected this to happen right away. What about after two weeks of washing and blow drying? Would my hair still be easy to style, shiny, and tame? The answer: yes. Here’s me two weeks later with my still going strong keratin treated hair:

Post-Keratin Hair Profile

Styling Time: 10-15 minutes max (I’m not joking!)

Results of Keratin Treatment: Weeks later, my hair is still straightened, shiny, and smooth, with no more frizz ups. 

Best Testimonial Moment: I have two times when this product really pulled through in the past few weeks. First one, I got caught in the rain while heading from my car to shopping – normally something that would devastate my hair style and prompt me to put it up – but my hair dried with my straight style in tact! Second one was just last night at 4th of July – we walked 20 minutes to the beach in sticky, humid air and watched the fireworks ocean side, and my hair once again stayed straight and frizz free. I was amazed. 

How You Make a Treatment Last: I sprung for a sulfate free shampoo, especially after knowing so much about how bad Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is for your hair. I also keep my hair dry if possible when going to the beach or pool – if I do get it wet, I hit the showers right away to rinse out the saltwater or chlorine that can eat away at your treatment.


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