3 Tips for Making Your Keratin Treatment Last

During the summer months, keratin treatments boom in popularity as we get tired of the frizz and our hairstyle getting ruined by heat, humidity, and spending time outside.

However, keratin treatments don’t last forever, and naturally we want to help keep a smooth look for a long as possible. Follow these stylist recommendations to keep keratin in your hair through the entire summer.

1. Use a Salt and Sulfate free Shampoo

Look for a shampoo that does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, such as Zelo Salt and Sulfate Free Shampoo. SLS is a surfactant that will wear away at your keratin treatment. Not only does SLS depleat your keratin faster, but it can also cause thinning hair, irritated scalp, among other symptoms. So why do most shampoos use it? Because it’s cheap, and creates foam – which we are trained to believe is washing our hair better. SLS free shampoos don’t foam as much, which is actually better for your hair. Read this very detailed post by Killer Strands for more on SLS free shampoos and why we should all be using them, keratin treatment or not.

2. Take Care around Chlorine and Ocean Water

Many people love their keratin treatment because they can go from beaching it to going out on the town, but salt water and pool water are both very harsh on your hair. If getting your hair wet is unavoidable, hit the showers right after to rinse your hair so there is less of an impact on your keratin.

3. Change your Wash Schedule

The easiest way to keep your keratin? Wash your hair less. It is already commonly recommended to only wash your hair every other day, especially if you have dry or over processed hair. Many people say they can’t go a day without a wash because of oil, and for them I suggest giving the every other day wash a try, but continuing to rinse and condition (only from the middle to your ends) every day. If your hair is still too oily, try cutting down on a complete wash – alternate shampooing your entire head of hair with just concentrating your shampoo at your scalp. Many people find that if they cut back on how often they wash, their hair actually gradually becomes less oily.


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